How To Earn Money Using Your Social Media Account?

Last year, a research pointed out that the Philippines lead the world when it comes to social media engagement. With more Filipinos discovering the power of social media, websites like Facebook and Twitter have opened new ways for people to connect with others—and this includes having a way for enterprising individuals to make money on the side. How can people make social media a tool to earn money? Here are some of the ideas for people who want to earn bucks using social media.

Blogging, of course

In the early days of blogging, it’s hard for writers to find their audience and create an army of loyal readers who will read every letter they write. However, access to social media as well as integration with the most common blogging platforms allowed bloggers to make their little web spaces more marketable, which will give them the chance to build following exponentially. When you blog and you have a sizable following, you can turn that to different opportunities such as promotion, coverage of events, and others money making opportunities for bloggers to turn their words to money.

Online shops

Social media, especially photo sharing service Instagram, is a very nifty tool for people who are thinking of opening their online shops. Before Instagram became accessible to almost anyone who had a smartphone, only those who have iOS devices have pioneered the Instagram shop craze. However, the influx of low-cost Android smartphones allowed many aspiring online sellers to peddle their wares via the popular social media website. The real technique when it comes to using Instagram as a vessel for your online shop is taking visually appealing photos and using hashtags to make your items as well as your shop generate buzz. (Got problem with budgeting? Check out this top 4 smartphone apps to help you budget wisely).

Healthy meals on wheels

People working in highly urbanized districts in the country have one perennial problem: a place where people can get healthy yet affordable meals. With that problem haunting a lot of today’s workers, people turned to Facebook and other social media outlets to solve their quandaries: by creating set meals delivered right to their doorsteps. While it is easy to pilfer portion-controlled meals from the internet, what you need to set you apart from competitors is serving them unique but delicious meals.

Books for less

While the internet is full of information that can be accessed for free, people still value the importance of books in their lives, especially to younger generations now who surprisingly developed a healthy reading habit. Nowadays, people are on the prowl for good books, and their number one source for books? Facebook. If you have tons of books you’ve already read and you want to share the gift of wisdom to others, use Facebook as a main vehicle to peddle your books. You’ll be surprised how many people are actually looking for online bookstores on the popular social media.

Social media is all about the buzz, no trouble. If you know how the ins and outs of social media, you can turn it into a powerful tool that will help you earn money on the side. Just keep in mind that social media is just a tool to market your tool, and you need more than Facebook and Twitter to make your enterprise grow.