How To Apply For The COVID-19 Adjustment Measure Program (CAMP) From DOLE

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has already aided more than 200,000 workers in the country, and the good news is, they’re still encouraging more employers to submit a list of employees eligible for subsidy within the duration of the quarantine.

Just in case your employers haven’t applied, better read this guide on how to apply for COVID-19 Adjustment Measure Program (CAMP) from DOLE.

What is DOLE-CAMP?

As part of mitigating measures of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, DOLE launched the COVID-19 Adjustment Measure Program. This is a one-time financial aid for private employees who are removed, suspended, or displaced from work because of the ECQ.

Amount of benefit: P5,000 per employee

However, not everyone can be recipients of this cash subsidy due to a limited budget.

Who are eligible to apply for CAMP?

Employees from the formal sector who meet the following conditions are qualified to apply for CAMP from DOLE:

  • Are affected by the Flexible Working Arrangements
  • Temporary closure of the company
  • Suspension of work for company loss management in response to the coronavirus.

All workers, whether on probationary, permanent, or contractual employment status can apply for the benefit. Even those employees who are temporarily suspended or displaced throughout the Enhanced Community Quarantine period are also eligible.

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Requirements for DOLE cash subsidy

Here are the documentary requirements needed for the DOLE assistance against COVID-19:

  • Establishment Report Form on COVID-19 (downloadable through the official website of DOLE)
  • Employee payslip or company payroll (for February or the earlier month).

If the payslip or payroll is not available, the alternative documents are:

  • Employee payment logbook (photo/scanned copy)
  • List of SSS payment (photo/scanned copy)
  • Other proof of employer-employee relationship (photo/scanned copy)

For faster processing, submit these following:

  • Company payroll account number (copy)
  • Bank name and branch of the company payroll

Who can submit the CAMP application?

The application to DOLE CAMP can be submitted by:

  • Your employers should be the ones to process and submit your application for the DOLE cash subsidy.
  • However, if your employer is unable to submit the requirements or process the application, the employees can directly apply and DOLE will disburse the cash grant through money remittance centers (Palawan Pawnshop and Express Pera Padala).
  • It also recommended to process the application as a group, meaning the applicants or beneficiaries should include your co-workers.

Steps in the application for COVID-19 assistance from DOLE

Here are the steps to apply for DOLE’s financial assistance against COVID-19:

  1. Upload the complete scanned copies of documents and the filled-out form needed for the application on the email.
  2. The email subject should be: APPLICATION FOR COVID 19 CAMP
  3. Send these attachments to the corresponding DOLE regional office or field office based on your employer’s location.
  4. The documentary attachments will undergo an evaluation from DOLE within three (3) business days from the date of submission. DOLE will respond by issuing a Notice of Completion through the email.
  5. DOLE will inform your application status (approval or denial) through email or SMS.

Reasons why you may get disapproved

With a designated budget, not all applicants can receive the subsidy. Most of the reasons why you will get denied are as follow:

  • Ineligibility or the applicant did not meet the qualifications mentioned above
  • Giving of inaccurate details or wrong facts in the application
  • Submission of falsified or tampered documents
  • Holding a higher position or management roles in the company
  • Workers belonging in large businesses or companies that can still provide salary may be disapproved


  • Priority is given to workers or employees whose wages are within the minimum rate

How to receive the benefits

Here are the three ways the cash grant will be disbursed to approved beneficiaries:

  1. The financial assistance will be transferred to the employee’s bank account submitted by the employer. The disbursement is processed within 2 weeks after the approval of the application.
  2. If the beneficiary doesn’t have a payroll account, the fund will be sent through money remittance at Palawan Express.
  3. For locations not serviced by remittance centers, either employers or employees may coordinate with the local government office and/or go to the nearest DOLE office to pick up the cash payout directly.

DOLE, amid the massive number of applications, is doing its best to complete the standard time of three (3) days processing and two (2) weeks of depositing the proceeds after the approval of the application.

For further questions about the Adjustment Measure Program of DOLE, call the hotline 1349 or send an email to