How Different Car Insurance Companies Handle Claims

Getting into an accident is no joke, whether you’re covered by comprehensive car insurance or not. But while everyone has the same chances on the road, people with insured vehicles simply have better protection.

However, not all car insurance providers are equal. While we’ve come to expect sluggish service in terms of handing out claims, there are those that provide lightning-fast, fuss-free responses to their clients.

Which car insurance companies offer the smoothest claims procedure? We interviewed a few car owners who got their comprehensive motor vehicle insurance through eCompareMo, and here’s what they have to share.

Oriental Assurance

Claire, 35, got comprehensive car insurance from Oriental Assurance through eCompareMo. According to her, she was pretty satisfied with Oriental because of their rapid processing time.

“I hit my car on the gutter and the front bumper sustained a dent. Since I got my insurance from eCompareMo, I called their claims desk and they asked me to send all the necessary requirements to file for a claim.

“In less than three days, they got back to me and told me that my file for claim had been approved. While it took me two weeks to book a schedule at my car’s dealership, they were able to hand me back my car in just four days. So far, I was very satisfied with eCompareMo’s full assistance and Oriental’s quick processing of my claim. I am very happy,” Claire said.

How Different Car Insurance Companies Handle Claims

Meanwhile, Wyndell, 43, and engineer from Cebu, availed an Oriental comprehensive car insurance cover for his 2017 Mitsubishi Montero Sport via eCompareMo. When his car got vandalized, he was expecting the same shtick of two to three weeks’ worth of stress when filing his claim. However, he was taken by surprise.

“My Montero was vandalized and sustained dents on the left and right rear panels. I called eCompareMo and they told me that normally, it would take two to three weeks to process my claim after submitting my documents.

:While it took me a while to send the requirements to them since I was busy, I was surprised when they approved my file for claim in less than 24 hours! I was super satisfied that I recommended eCompareMo to two of my colleagues, and now they got their car insurance from eCompareMo too.”

FPG Insurance

With utter satisfaction and a rating of five stars, Rya Fritzie, a QSR Manager, got her FPG comprehensive car insurance via eCompareMo. In her time of need, she was not let down.

“I just saw their ad and tried to apply online. I never thought it was that easy, to the point that I was about to cancel the last minute because of doubts of their legitimacy, but still, they helped me to decide wisely. Only a few weeks after I availed, we had a minor accident and they were very helpful. We just sent all needed documents through email and they handled everything well,” Rya said in her review of her experience filing for a claim with eCompareMo.

QBE Seaboard

With her car insurance up for a renewal of coverage, Ivy called eCompareMo to get a better rate for her 2016 Vios car insurance. When her car got hit, she immediately called the Insurance hotline to ask for assistance. Here’s what happened.

“My car got hit by someone, and the culprit wanted to use his own insurance to indemnify me, so I contacted eCompareMo to get some advice regarding my situation. With their quick response, I was able to resolve my issue quickly. They told me they would personally endorse my situation to the insurer. The next day after I filed for a certificate of no-claim, the certificate was already provided and the repairs for her car through the culprit’s party went on seamlessly,” Ivy recalled.