Here’s What People Who Bet Their Money On The Cavs (And The Warriors) Have To Say

After stomping the Cleveland Cavaliers in a stellar 4-1 run, the Golden State Warriors has emerged champions of the 2017 NBA Finals.

Whether you are a member of Dub Nation or a loyal Cavs fan, everyone can agree that this year’s Finals was gritty, to say the least. You could feel the NBA fever everywhere: from tricycle drivers pitting Durant against Lebron to Facebook users one-upping one another.

While there clearly are winners and losers in the Finals, there also are victors and weepers from within our ranks: People who wagered their hard-earned money and either won or lost. Here’s what they have to say.

Francisco, 27
Intermediate network administrator

I bet P7,000 on the Golden State Warriors. Last year, I placed P5,000 on the Warriors and I lost. Although I don’t follow a specific team, I only bet on the Finals as long as it’s against LeBron James.

EJ, 26
IT staff

I didn’t put my money on whoever’s going to win the Finals like others. There’s always big money involved in that. Instead, I joined the basketball ending bet in our office. I placed my money on 3-3 and lost P150. Although I didn’t win, it doesn’t feel like I really lost at all because it’s only a small amount.

Ryan, 38

I only place a bet on the Finals when the Los Angeles Lakers is playing. This time, I dared my friends to bet an order of tapsilog instead of money. Of course, I won. I will be enjoying that nice serving of tapsilog after I close my shop tonight.

Maybelle, 25

We thought the Cavs could still catch up with the Warriors, so we put P1,000 on LeBron’s team. We were wrong. My partner and I follow different teams; I’ve always been a Warriors girl and my partner, a Cavs diehard. This was actually the first time we made a bet with people we didn’t know; we just usually do it on lower amounts and only with family members.

Bong, 26
Market administrator

My friends and I pooled our money and bet P40,000 on the Cavs—and lost. We’ve always been solid LeBron and Cleveland fans. We never lost faith in our team even when the Warriors scored 3-0 in the Finals. Also, betting is not just about winning or losing money; it’s about making the games more exhilarating for us. Of course, we’ll be waiting next year.

JP, 25
Systems engineer

Unlike others who placed their bets on who would emerge the champion for this season, our group has a different take: we bet on each game. I think I probably won around P20,000 or something because the Warriors won four games!

Did you place your bet on your favorite team too? Share your experience in the comments.