Top 50 Online Jobs in the Philippines: Your Ultimate Online Career Guide

Online jobs continue to make Filipino lives better, and home-based workers are growing in numbers and creating a new industry in the Philippines.


Whether you plan to go for a full-time position or just need extra income, working remotely can be the way to go. Remote jobs have made more opportunities readily available to everyone. There is no excuse for you not to earn money!

Surely, you’ve heard stories about how convenient and lucrative online jobs are. All you need is a personal computer and a stable internet connection, and you’re good to go. However, it’s more than that, and we must set proper expectations before you float your resume on the web or quit your office job. Here are the things you should know about working in your home.

List of Online Jobs in the Philippines

Now that you already know how to pinpoint a scam, all you need is a list of position to choose from! Here we round up the best money-making online jobs with the skills you need and how much you can earn* from each position.

Admin & Finance

1. Virtual Assistant

Average salary per month: P26,500

If you are organized, articulate, and knowledgeable about software basics, then you are in for the job. Virtual assistants mainly handle the following tasks:

  • Secretarial
  • Administrative
  • Clerical
  • Files and Contacts Management
  • Appointment Setting
  • Reports
  • Spreadsheets
  • Proposals
  • Presentation preparation.

2. Appointment Setter

Average salary per month: P22,454

This job requires you to contact potential customers, build a rapport, and arrange sales calls. Appointment setters do not necessarily sell a service or product but rather to stir up the interest of prospects, who are then handled by sales professional.

3. Paralegal

Average salary per month: P24,300

A paralegal has similar tasks to a virtual assistant, but the scope of the job chiefly involves law firms. A paralegal is trained for subsidiary law but can’t give legal advice like lawyers. Some of the tasks include:

  • Contacting the clients
  • Assisting a lawyer in preparing transactions such as depositions, hearings, and conferences and drafting court documents related to these
  • Summarizing the affidavits, interrogatories, and testimonies
  • Investigative and documentary research
  • Witness implementation of wills, administrative hearings, and legal closings
  • Handling and organizing the database of case management

4. Medical Biller and Collector

Average salary per month: P21,600

You will be responsible for organizing patient bills for private pay and insurance, also serving as a negotiator between patients and insurance provider. Your duties include:

  • Preparation and submission of insurance claims and bills
  • Account processing and analysis
  • Authorization and verification of diagnosis code
  • Answer patients about accounts and insurance inquiries
  • Handle patients with delinquent accounts
  • Contact billing departments for correction of billing errors and omissions

5. Accountant

Average salary per month: P36,900

You will report financial information to management through researching and analyzing the accounting data. Specifically, these are:

  • Preparation of asset, liability, and capital account entries
  • Summary of financial status by preparing and collating details, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports
  • Validation and auditing of data
  • Recognition and solving financial discrepancies
  • Keeping financial security by completing database backups, following internal controls, maintaining confidentiality
  • Compliance with financial legal requirements and protocol

6. Bookkeeping

Average salary per month: P13,500

Like accountants, bookkeepers handle financial information but mainly through recording data, filing documents, and posting journal entries to ledger accounts.

7. Loan processor

Average salary per month: P13,600

Generally, you interview potential customers applying for a loan.

8. Loan Underwriter

Average salary per month: P30,702

A loan underwriter performs a comprehensive credit analysis on a borrower (after a loan processor’s endorsement) by looking at their employment record, sources of income, and credit score.

Project Management & Customer Service

9. Quality Assurance Analyst

Average salary per month: P22,600

QA analysts ensure that the products, services, and systems delivered to the customers are within the company standards. They work in various fields, ranging from the food industry to transportation.

  • Creates evaluation metrics and program
  • Getting updated with the dynamic trends of the industry
  • Training and coaching of newbies.
  • Monitoring emails, calls, and other correspondence
  • Takes customer feedback into consideration

10. Business Analyst

Average salary per month: P35,100

These people analyze a business using a bigger perspective, overseeing the structure, policy, and operations of the company. They also predict possible outcomes and offer solutions to avoid mishaps.

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11. Project Manager

Average salary per month: P72,800

This position gives you the overall responsibility for the start and completion of a project. Project managers also make decisions that will impact the project, which should control the risk and minimize uncertainty. Key responsibilities are:

  • Planning, defining the scope, and sequencing
  • Resource and budget planning
  • Time and cost estimation
  • Documentation and schedule creation
  • Risks analysis and management
  • Progress recording and observance
  • Team Leadership and strategic Influencing
  • Business and client rapport

12. Client Services Specialist

Average salary per month: P45,500

This position entails a lot of responsibilities in providing a product or services to a client. Usually gives assistance to a project manager.

  • Build long-lasting relationships with customers
  • Serves as an intermediary between clients and account managers or appropriate personnel
  • Helps the team to process the needs and resolve the problems of customers and/or clients
  • Manages, updates, and corrects client records
  • Disseminate information about the products or services to clients
  • Develop effective business model with huge ROI

13. Home-based Customer Service Representative

Average salary per month: P30,600

Generally, you have similar tasks as contact center agents but without the hassle of going to the office. You will have the same benefits from an office employee except for the health insurance.

14. Data Entry

Average salary per month: P12,100

Also known as a database administrator, this job requires speedy, accurate typing skills and keen attention to details. This entails inputting, managing, reviewing, and updating a large amount of data and information with accuracy in the computer system. Familiarity with Microsoft Office and other relevant data programs is also must for this job.

15. Transcriptionist

Average salary per month: P10,000

There are three types: general transcription, production transcription, and medical transcription. General transcription is usually for beginners who transcribe basic audio such as general interviews, phone recordings, meetings, and voice mails. Production transcriptionists handle video files and long recordings. Medical transcription requires knowledge in the field of medicine as the files use technical terms like illnesses, anatomy, drugs, surgical operations, and other doctor’s notes.


16. Programmer

Average salary per month: P50,000

This type of IT position focuses on codes. That means the writing, running tests, debugging and/or troubleshooting, and keeping the source code of the programs.

17. App Developer

Average salary per month: P32,200

If you are someone who loves to tinker with computers and codes, this might be the job for you. You get to create applications, run tests from them, and launch them when all is set.

18. Web Designer & Developer

Average salary per month: P24,300

The duty of a web designer is to build, code, design, and alter a website from its layout to its function according to the structure demanded by the client. Essential skills are:

  • Strong understanding of general web functions and IT systems
  • Planning and delivering software platforms structured according to the client’s need
  • Expertise on programming languages (i.e. HTML, JQuery, CSS, API’s, and JavaScript)
  • Expertise in web applications and web services

19. Software Engineer

Average salary per month: P30,300

There is a thin line between a software engineer and web designer. While web designer manages websites, software engineer takes on software like Photoshop, Gmail, or Facebook.

1. WordPress Developer

Average salary per month: P27,100

The job doesn’t get away from the tasks of a web designer/developer, but the software being handled is primarily WordPress, a web host patronized by many people and organizations.

21. Full Stack Developer

Average salary per month: P49,100

This is someone who oversees everything from project management to installation of the appropriate OS on a server. A programming wizard, they say. These things are needed for the job:

  • Expertise on Presentation Layer or Front End Development
  • Expertise on Data Access Layer or Back End Development
  • Knowledge on DevOps
  • Strong Project Management

22. UI/UX Developer

Average salary per month: P35,900

UI/UX Designers are responsible for transforming software into platforms that clients would find easy to use. Major tasks include:

  • Collaborate with managers and engineers in gathering user requirements
  • Illustrate ideas using storyboards, sitemaps, and process flows
  • Design the user interface (menus, search box, tabs, buttons, and widgets)
  • Determine and solve UX problems (e.g. mobile responsiveness, landing page, transitions)
  • Make necessary layout adjustments from the user’s feedback

23. IOS Mobile App Developer

Average salary per month: P60,000

Apple utilizes different systems from Android products, so basically, the programming and development solely involve Apple products.

24. Beta Tester

Average salary per month: P20,600

Basically, trying new apps before its official release sounds fun, but this is a real job! Mainly you are required to log in on the app, provide feedback continuously, and keep everything secret. The apps usually applied for are games.

Writing & English Tutorial

25. ESL Teacher

Average salary per month: P20,000 PHP

Patience and knowledge are vital for online teaching jobs. An English as Second Language (ESL) instructor, focuses solely on teaching English to non-English speakers, thus requiring a strong command of the language.

26. Copywriter

Average salary per month: P43,100‬

Copywriting is a form of writing that is necessary for a business brand or websites. Copywriters should various approaches to cater to various forms of media like print, radio, television, or the internet. Sample works that a copywriter will produce include:

  • Creative text
  • Ad jingles
  • Taglines
  • Job description
  • Articles about product/services
  • Website content

27. Technical Writer

Average salary per month: P30,700

Technical writers follow a more formal tone in the creation of content. Most of the articles are business-like and straightforward. Depending on the nature of the company, the topics can be about health & medicine, sports, retail, finance, and law firms.

28. Web Content Writer/Producer

Average salary per month: P16,000

If you think writing is life, then this is the best job for you. The topics to write about cover a wide range of interests from business to lifestyle. You should be social media savvy and aware of digital marketing.

29. Web Content Manager/Editor

Average salary per month: P19,100

Strong command of the English language is necessary when editing an article. That is why content editing job is for the people who know by heart the twists and turns of grammar and syntax. Aside from flawless grammar, this job requires knowledge of digital marketing and SEO trends.

30. E-book Writer

Average salary per month: P30,000

Mostly, employers look for writers who can deliver easy-to-read, concise, but insightful articles about a topic and these are transformed into an e-book that are distributed online for selling. The books can be academic, financial, or self-help.

31. Ghost Writer

Average salary per month: P25,000

While this position covers all other kinds of writing task mentioned above, there are cases where employers look for writers of literary genres, meaning poetry and fiction.

32. Translator

Average salary per month: P39,000

Are you fluent speaking a foreign language? Whether you speak Spanish, French, or Chinese, it isn’t so bad to make money from your skill. When translating, you need to ensure that the translation clearly conveys the message accurately.

33. Subtitle Specialist

Average salary per month: P15,000

Do you love to binge movies? This is a perfect way to earn while seeing a film. You just type out the dialogues and other notes at the proper frame throughout the movie. Sometimes, it goes hand in hand with being a translator (if the film is non-English).

Marketing & Sales

34. Sales Account Executive

Average salary per month: P18,000

Having an online job as a sales professional =requires the ability to generate conversion and revenue over the phone, through email, and by web-based presentations.

35. Telemarketer

Average salary per month: P18,300

Much like the sales account executive, your task is to look for potential customers through inbound and outbound calls.

36. Marketing Specialist

Average salary per month: P26,300

Are you a person with public relations skills on social media? Why don’t you try being a marketing specialist? You should be familiar with the latest trends and creating buzz on social media.

37. Digital Marketing Manager/Analyst

Average salary per month: P51,100

This position oversees the digital marketing team. It includes the study of the statistics of the online presence of the company as well as creating solutions to ensure the good performance of the projects. Major responsibilities are:

  • Recognize opportunities for SEO and enhance the conversion rate of media traffic
  • Conduct SEO, content creation, keyword research, and traffic evaluation
  • Determine white hat link building opportunities and develop optimization strategies

38. Email Marketing Manager

Average salary per month: P24,000‬

Takes charge of handling the email marketing campaigns of the organization, contributing to the expansion of audience reach. Generally, you answer queries and complaints from the customers as well as probing them to identify what can enhance their customer experience.

39. SEO Specialist

Average salary per month: P23,300

As an SEO specialist, you will produce content with the proper use of keywords or phrases to boost the online presence of a website. It is an advantage to be familiar with Google Analytics.

40. Link Builder

Average salary per month: P23,300

Link builders are in demand in business since SEO is now a must to have a competitive company. The job requires persistence because you must build and maintain relationships with bloggers, website managers, and community forum admins to get backlinks or at least exchange links. All this is to enable a company’s online domain to rank better on Google.

41. Google Ads Pro

Average salary per month: P50,000

AdWords campaigns are expensive, so employers take great care in setting them up. but it can reward huge returns when done right. Google only recognizes those individuals with certification Google AdWords qualified. Some of the duties are:

42. Lead Generation Manager

Average salary per month: P30,000 The job needs skills on creating a comprehensive plan for lead generation, which includes head-hunting and, eventually, conversion. You must be familiar with marketing automation tools and other systems that can help in closing deals.

43. Social Media Manager

Average salary per month: P21,654

Applying for this position means you are expert in a variety of social media platforms, active with engaging with internet users, and highly aware of the behavioral trends in the web. You will be responsible for handling the marketing on the popular networking sites by creating content that fit the type of network and demographics.

44. Facebook Ads Manager

Average salary per month: P23,400

Like AdWords, this position handles setting up pay-per-click campaigns on Facebook and other popular social networking sites.

45. Content Curator

Average salary per month: P15,000

Your job is mainly to research on various content relevant to a topic and index it for future use and review. You are like a librarian, filing books according to some specifications.

46. Product Lister

Average salary per month: P15,000

This a type of content curator working on products sold in online markets. They search the shop websites for similar products and make comparisons of the price and quality.

47. Real Estate Analyst

Average salary per month: P12,300

If you are an expert in conducting and analyzing properties, this position suits you. You are asked to provide a study on the investments, services, portfolios and assets of the clients.

Graphics & Design

48. Graphic Artist/Designer

Average salary per month: P33,200

One of the in-demand online jobs is that of Graphic Artist. As more and more companies opt to increase visibility on the internet to establish their brands, good designs are an integral part of business. A graphic artist/designer creates the look of the website as well as other peripherals like logos, brochures, email campaigns, and posters.

49. Video Producer/Editor

Average salary per month: P33,800

Aside from articles, video content also attracts many views. People like to watch TV, YouTube, and other sources of video clips that businesses wanted to take advantage of this by releasing videos that endorse and spread awareness about the services or products. The tasks include:

  • Utilize different tools for shooting, editing, and polishing videos
  • Manage the team (scriptwriters, videographers, actors, stylists, props men, etc.)
  • Allocate and control expenses
  • Secure legal rights and proper licensing

50. Podcast Editor

Average salary per month: P15,600 PHP

Like the video editor, except works on podcasts which involves audio recordings.

Trusted Websites for Home-Based Jobs

Have you assessed your skills? Where do you think you would fit? If you think you are ready, here’s a list of online job websites where you can apply.

Tips in Applying Online Jobs

But wait! We’re not going to leave you on your own just like that. As a bonus, we are giving valuable tips to get you ready to kickstart your new career online. Good luck!

1. Update and Customize your resume.

2. Update your Social Media Profile.

Employers want to have an employee that is very familiar with the ins and out of the internet, so you should be active in social networking accounts for online visibility. It doesn’t mean you should make your Facebook or IG accounts public but rather sign up to professional sites such as LinkedIn and Community Forums.

3. Clean up your Social Media Profile.

You don’t want your employers seeing you holding beer or doing silly things when they search you up on the internet. Remember, Google knows everything you post.

4. Personalize your cover letter or pitching.

Don’t use generic sentences that are copy-pasted on the internet. It’s better to write a letter that fits the nature of the job.

5. Read the job description fully.

This is to avoid confusion during the interview. Job descriptions set the proper expectations between you and your employer.

6. Stick to one position per company.

When an employer sees that you are applying for multiple positions, it appears that you are not serious with your application.

7. Keep your responses in check and keep all type boxes filled out.

You will be asked to answer some online forms as part of the screening. Make your answers relevant to the questions (and check your grammar if you are applying for an English teacher or writer). Triple check if you have missed some questions.

8. Make sure your computer and internet work.

Interviews are usually done via phone call or video call. It’s best to get everything prepared. Look at the plugs. Run a test on your headset. Check for Wi-Fi speed, and have a reserved data stick.

9. Choose the best spot in your home.

It is best to eliminate all possible distractions such as TV and other sources of noise. Make sure you are comfortable for the rest of the interview.

10. Wear proper attire.

Just because you won’t travel to an office doesn’t mean you won’t dress properly. If your online job requires you to join video conferences or chats, make sure you look presentable to your employer and team members. It’s especially important to look professional if your interviewing for a project.

11. Do some readings before the interview.

Read about the company if you can find some details on the internet. Review the technical terms related to the position you are hoping to fill.

11. Stay calm and be positive!