Five Small Changes That Will Lead To Big Savings

When people talk about saving money, they often look at the most drastic ways they can change their spending habits just to rake in maximum savings. While this is a good attitude—especially if your gunning for a monumental figure in your head—a lot of people are missing the most important changes needed: the smaller, yet more frequent ones. What are the small lifestyle changes that will help us rake in bigger savings?

  • Commuter’s woes

    Admit it: the country has a terrible transportation system. With kilometric lines to the trains, reckless public vehicles, and let’s not get started with the horrendous traffic jams that plague every major highway in the metro. Because of this, it is tempting to take a cab or settle for ridesharing services like Uber every day. Unfortunately, taking the cab everyday will cost a lot, and switching to public transportation no matter how bad it is will help you save money. In fact, you’re merely paying for the convenience and you’re also one of the biggest contributors to the worsening traffic system.

  • Eats you

    Do you love fastfood or eating out every now and then? In fact, let’s be honest, who doesn’t? While eating out regularly with friends will help you cope with the struggles of daily grind, regularly dining out or going to the fastfood is actually a big culprit why your salary flies faster than it should. Want to eat something really good on a budget? Why not learn how to cook? There are thousands of resources online that will not only help you cook but also help you find the most delicious meals without spending a lot. Become your own personal chef and learn how to cook your own food.

  • Vice city

    After a stressful day, there is nothing more satisfying that popping a bottle of beer and/or light a cigarette. Next thing you know, your “one for the road” has become several bottles and you wake up the next day with a massive hangover and regret for spending a lot on vices. Unfortunately, these things are one of the main culprits why you’re losing tons of cash every day. Moderation in alcohol is the key, no matter how hard it is. As for cigarettes, it’s time to quit and get rid of the vice once and for all.

  • The little things

    Stopped by a thrift shop and found something interesting? Purchase! Passed by a food cart and you saw a yummy treat? Take out your wallet! Saw a shiny dress and wanted to buy it? Ka-ching! Although you may think these expenses are nothing but loose change, it’s the frequency of these purchases that can really hurt your finances. Whenever you feel like buying the little things, ask yourself if you really need it. If not, just walk away and don’t look back. You’ll be thanking yourself in the future for doing it a lot of times.

  • Bulk up

    Going to the grocery may be a drag to most people, especially today that there are lots of distractions like laptops, smartphones, and so much more. Because you are too lazy to go out for a grocery run, you would rather buy your daily supplies from the nearest sari-sari store in small portions. Little did you know, of course, that buying in smaller portions is actually more expensive than buying in bulk, and you will continue to do this anyway. If you really want to save up, stop buying sachets of everything and buy in bulk every month!

Saving money is more than just tucking in a certain amount of money every now and then. But we often forget that a forest is made of trees, and it’s the little things that actually matter. When you start to overhaul your life from the ground up, your financial life will definitely grow for the better.