5 Proactive Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

Owning a car means having both privileges and responsibilities. While you may have the luxury of skipping long queues outside MRT stations as well as braving through the crowds that pack buses headed to the country’s beating hearts, driving your own car also means you have to register your vehicle every year, renew your comprehensive third-party liability insurance, and do a lot of things that will require a lot of work every year.

While you have no power over these processes, there is one thing you must not compromise when it comes to one thing: car insurance. That being said, you can further lower your monthly premium by doing the following tips.

5 Proactive Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

Drive safely—all year round

The biggest discount you can get for your car insurance policy is not getting your car involved in conditions that will force you to make a claim. Before you renew your insurance, make sure to ask your current insurance provider if they offer no-claim bonuses for policyholders who have no own damage claim. Some discounts, when they reach a certain period of time, allows customers to have up to 50% discount—and this is all because they are always driving safely.

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Avoid strikes on your license

Obeying traffic laws will not earn you congressional medals, but it give you a chance to avoid higher monthly premiums for your car insurance. Once you get involved in car accidents, they will stay in your record forever—and insurance providers will see this the moment they dig up your information. If you want no additional costs to your monthly premium, follow traffic rules and regulations and avoid anything that will tarnish your driving record.

Got anti-theft devices? Ask if you are eligible for discounts

In other countries, proactive car owners who purchase anti-theft devices for their vehicles are rewarded by insurance providers through discounts. By having devices such as engine immobilizers, enhanced car alarms, GPS devices, and other anti-theft measures, you reduce the risk of theft and/or damage to their vehicles. If you have theft-deterring devices to your vehicles installed, talk to your insurance provider and they may give you discounts.

If possible, pay your premium annually instead of monthly

Payment terms can also affect the way your car insurance policy. Like most items paid under installments, the shorter the payment terms, the cheaper it gets. If you want maximum savings for your car insurance policy, try to save up for an annual payment instead of monthly. Pay it in cash and  expect the price to go much lower than monthly installment.

If all else fails, make the switch

If your insurance provider will not yield when you actively try to haggle the price of your premiums, then the best thing you can do is switch to a new insurance company. With the help of reliable partner, looking for the most affordable comprehensive insurance provider is such a breeze. If you’ve been faithful to your insurance provider and you are not getting the treatment you deserve, there are far better insurance companies out there.

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Sometimes, the best way to have the price of your premiums slashed down is by taking steps and not just waiting for promos. Just make sure that discounts, freebies, and other promos aren’t there to compensate for poor service. Strike a balance between the two and you’ll get maximum savings.