Do Average-Looking Guys Spend More Than Handsome Men?

It’s always the good-looking people who win, so they say. Even numerous studies back this claim.

The male-female dynamic is already complex in itself–with money playing a big role. We can only dream of the typical telenovela formula where the heiress falls in love with the average joe and picks him over the filthy rich, hot guy. Or think Alessandra DeRossi and Empoy smooching in recent Pinoy indie rom-com Kita Kita.

While a lot of men complain about being both “friendzoned” and broke, a dashing debonair has a lot of opportunities to get a girl not only with his jaw-dropping looks.

According to, “The extra kicks are more likely to come from economic benefits, like increased wages.” Ouch, the competition has just toughened up. But Filipino men are not known to be quitters. They’re one to say “challenge accepted.”

Does the average-looking man need to shed more cash (aside from the valiant efforts) to keep up with the “guapo since birth”? Let’s hear men spill their thoughts on Twitter.

Equality is a tough battle cry.

Trips to the dermatologists: Pains your face, and your pocket too.

Whatever it takes to get that coveted “kutis artista” look.

“Shave lang? Kulang!”

Banking on decent looks is a must these days.

The struggle is real.

Oh how being pogi feels so real when your hands are on the wheel.

Flashing car keys won’t cut it sometimes. Keys to a condo unit is additional “swag.”

The complete Lover Boy Starter Pack:

In the end, confidence is your most important investment!

But the truth is, none of these truly matter. Women still look for real love and loyalty.

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