Different Types Of Credit Card Holders: Which One Are You?

Though many financially conscious people veer from debt, we can’t deny the fact that a credit card can be useful especially during trying times. Not to mention, it entitles you to a number of benefits and perks if you know how to use it.

Different Types Of Credit Card Holders

People utilize their cards in different ways depending on their lifestyle and preference—especially their capacity to pay. Do you often swipe your credit card for most of your purchases? Or are you the type who saves it for emergencies?

Below are the different types of credit card users—see which category you fit in.

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Or The Most Valuable Payer. The MVP pays in full and on time. They despise debt and interests. Because of them, banks are able to lend more cash and cater to more clients because the MVPs are paying the money back regularly.

The Bank Darlings

They are pretty lax and laid back with their credit and only pay the required minimum amount. Banks generate income from them through high-interest rates, which makes them favorites.

The Ghost Riders

These takers just apply and obtain credit cards from different banks and play hide and seek when it’s payback time. When caught, they are subject to legal action from their issuer. It will also be difficult for them to get approved by other banks because of bad credit history.

The Jack of All Tirades

They are the smartest cardholders as they know how to play the banking game. They make use of accumulated points and avail rewards. They are on the constant lookout for promos. They utilize deferred payment options. They know how the system works as they take a time to talk to bankers for financial advice. It’s always a win-win situation for them.

The Card Hopper

They are financial jumpers who switch from one card to another. Most of them utilize credit transfer to avoid accruing interest rates with their current bank. Some of them make the switch when they find attractive offers that are more suitable for their current needs and wants. Introductory benefits such as real no interest offer also magnet them as well.

The Convert

Yes, they have all the types of credit cards kept in their wallets. But they opt not to use them as they have learned their money lesson the hard way. They’re likely ex-Bank Darlings or ex-Ghost Riders. At one point, they reached their credit limit and suffered the repercussion of not being able to pay. Because of the financial trauma from using their card wrongly, they ended up not using them anymore, except for emergencies.

What kind of credit card holder are you? How do you take responsibility of your credits? Share your story in the comments.