Cheapskate Confessions: Christmas Splurges That Are Worth It

If money was not a problem, we’d definitely get whatever it is that we want. But the world doesn’t work that way. We need to work hard, try to practice delayed gratification, and wait for our thirteenth-month pay or Christmas bonus to reward ourselves with a little indulgence for getting through another year.

For most spenders, these little indulgences add up, and they get to the New Year with not much money left. On the other hand, there are frugal people disciplined enough to keep their money mostly intact all throughout the holidays. Sure, we may think these kuripots or cheapskates are practicing unnecessary self-deprivation, but this makes them the best people to ask how their wisely spending their thirteenth month pay.

In this post, I talked to several self-confessed cheapskates and coaxed them into shared their biggest (and maybe their only) Christmas buys. Being cheapskates, they’re also very matipid (sparing) with their answers, so I had to do a bit of digging, give some side comments, and asked them further about the reasons behind the things they really, really want to buy.

Takeaway? We can all learn from their answers.

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Ray, 24, Illustrator

“A 50-inch 4k TV (4K resolution). We’re looking at brands like, maybe LG or Samsung. I’m splitting the cost with my boyfriend, ‘cause we’ve been living together for a year now and that’s what we really wanna buy. This one’s mainly for gaming. This is going to be my only splurge from the 13th month pay.”

Asked why this is his only splurge, Ray answered, “Iwas gastos kasi mapipilitan ka mag stay sa bahay lang. I’d rather just stay at home instead of going out.”

Good point.

Kate, 40, Engineer

“I’m buying quality jeans like Wrangler, Levi’s, and the likes. Something I know will last. These jeans will sure last longer than my last relationships.”

So aside from the fact that you still have emotional baggage from your failed relationships, why do you consider yourself a cheapskate?

“Because I hang on to things ‘til they completely fall apart.”

Makes sense. *Thinks about all the possible hugots with that last line.*

Adele, 26, Stylist

“I don’t want to let go of my money as much as possible. I’d probably invest on Bitcoin or life insurance, because I’ve been reading a lot about them for some time now.”

Wow. Adulting at its finest. You’re not really planning to buy anything for yourself? Why?

“Yeah. I’ve run out of money so many times because of mindless spending, and I don’t want to go through that again. Going through Petsa de Peligro is really hard, and I’ve learned to be more frugal since. I really don’t want to spend money if I can help it.”

Lorraine, 26, Publishing Specialist

“Stocks. The initial deposit needed is only P5,000, so that will be my biggest thirteenth month spend. Hindi rin kasi ako mabili.”

So… there’s really nothing that you wanna buy for yourself?

*Thinks long and hard*.

“I’ve always wanted to change my makeup haul to organic and all-natural products, so I might start buying some local hair and makeup products that are affordable and organic.”

That’s totally worth it.

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Angelo, 28, Businessman

“I’m spending [my thirteenth month] for my PC upgrade. It’s worth over P20,000. I’ll just buy a motherboard and processor, an i5 8Gen. [It’s worth the splurge], because I know that it will last me for more than five years. Mas matagal ang PC upgrade compared to buying a cellphone. Cellphones can be easily replaced after a year.

I see your point, but that’s not so kuripot of you.

“It’s pricey, but it’s worth it for me because I’ve been waiting for my wife’s approval to let me buy it since last year. She only agreed to let me buy it this month because [the computer shop business] has been going great and we’re now able to support our two kids’ needs better. [The PC] is only intended for my personal use. She’d rather have me at home than going out ‘til late, anyway.”

Sounds like you made yourself a good deal.

What do you think of their kuripot money management? If you’re also a cheapskate, share your kuripot Christmas buys in the comments!