How To Make Delicious And Affordable Lunch For Your Kids

How To Make Delicious And Affordable Lunch For Your Kids

Summer is almost out, and we are now about to witness thousands of schoolchildren flock to schools again and fill up classrooms. Pretty sure, you may have already prepared almost everything: enrollment, school supplies, and other items necessary for the beginning of the new school year.

While you may have already taken care of most of your kid’s back-to-school essentials, do you already have an idea on what your little angel will eat every day? Then why not try these simple yet tasty and affordable ways to spruce up your everyday meals?

1. Create a meal plan

The very first step in preparing delicious and nutritious lunch for your kids is to create a meal plan. When you have a meal plan for your kid’s packed lunch, you can see what goes in your kid’s lunchbox and make sure that everything is up to your standards.

Furthermore, a meal plan can allow you to manage how much budget you can allocate to each serving. When making a meal plan, be sure to include details like nutritional value, serving, and other factors to make it easier for you to monitor if your kid is getting enough nutrients.

2. Use a wide variety of meals

Afraid that your kid might get tired of his packed lunch? Then why not create some diversity to his everyday lunch and create variations of his meals. When you liven up your meals with an assortment of dishes, expect that your kid to not get satiated when it comes to the dishes you prepare.

Aside from the main dish, learn to alternate rice with bread and other carbs to vary your child’s source of carbohydrates. When you do this, your kid will always look forward to opening his lunch box every recess.

3. Add fruits to your kid’s daily diet

When packing lunch, you must be thinking that the only two components of your kid’s meal should be one dish and a hefty portion of rice. However, this meal setup doesn’t give your kid the proper nutritional intake he needs. If you want to be confident that each meal gives your child the recommended dietary allowance that he needs, add some fruits to his meals like apple slices or peeled oranges.

4. Skip the junk food

Junk food like potato or corn chips may give your kids the satisfaction of the taste; after all, no junk food has been made to taste dull. However, you may want to keep the junk food away from your kid’s lunch box.

While it is okay to have a little bag of chips every now and then, making it a part of their daily meals can do serious harm to the body. Aside from tons of chemicals being pumped to their bloodstream, the amount of sodium, carbohydrates, and fats are too much for your kid, and it may lead to obesity and diseases.

Preparing your kid’s lunch can be a daunting task, but in the end, it will all pay off. Just make sure to have fun when preparing your meals, and keep in mind that it should be nutritious first and cheap second.