5 Essential Gadgets For The Modern Dad

Best Tech Gadgets of 2020

This June, we are celebrating the greatness of fathers as every third Sunday of this month. For dads out there, it’s the best time to relax, pop a bottle or two, and spend time with the family. While for others who are living a fast-paced life in this interconnected world, it is the high time to stock up on gadgets that can make their lives more convenient. What are the top gadgets that modern fathers should have today? Forget about electric drills and other power tools because these gadgets are your best bet this coming Father’s Day.


Smartphones, contrary to popular belief, are more than just Clash of Clans and other zany games that force you to chuck up money for microtransactions. More than just a way to contact your family, friends, and co-workers, your smartphone should be packed with features that will make your life more streamlined.

What to look for: When scouting for a smartphone, always look beyond the brand and go for what’s inside: the specifications. You can get the most out of your money by seeing which feature suits you best. Extended battery life, huge storage, amazing camera–these are the things you need to look at when shopping. In case you are looking at getting a postpaid plan with a free smartphone, see if your plan suits your mobile needs and if you have to pay monthly amortization to get a better phone, then why not?

Glasses with photosensitive lenses

When you have to go out in the sun before, you need to change your prescription glasses to sunglasses. Unfortunately, a lot of dads have already lost either of their glasses because of this. Fortunately, photosensitive lenses made it possible to have both sunglasses and prescription glasses in one frame. How neat can it be?

What to look for: Glasses with photosensitive lenses are easy to buy; you can simply walk to your favorite optical shop, get your eye grade measured, and simply say you want to have photosensitive lenses. However, if you want these glasses to last for a very long time, you need to look for sturdy frames. Avoid cheap plastic knockoffs and instead put a premium to eyewear that is durable. After all, you want to use those for a very long time.


A good wristwatch tells time up to the millisecond; a great wristwatch does something more. Aside from simply being an instrument to tell you the time, a perfect wristwatch should also give the wearer a sense of identity. Whether it is digital, analog or even the latest addition to the family–the smartwatch–your weapon of choice should speak for you.

What to look for: Instead of focusing on the brand, look for a wristwatch that can go well with any type of attire you wear. For instance, you should get a watch that looks great when you wear a black-tie attire, but it should also snug in perfectly when you’re wearing casual clothes. As for the mechanism of the watch, let your instinct guide you on that when you start to look for one.


Who wouldn’t want a few minutes of good music and tranquility in an otherwise world of endless demands and deadlines? With a good pair of headphones, you can have those few moments where you can simply sit back and enjoy good music in the most unadulterated way possible. However, you need the best cans to pair with your sassy tunes.

What to look for: Great headphones, especially the ones that offer clear and crisp sound quality, do not come in cheaply. If you are going to buy a pair of cans, make sure to look for a unit that offers good sound quality. Remember, you are paying for the quality and durability of your product. Also, put into consideration if you need to use Bluetooth headphones, especially if you’re working with wired gadgets like computers and other gadgets.

e-book reader

Don’t believe the hype: not all people who love reading want to collect a sizable number of books that will make the Alexandrian library jealous. Some people would rather have thousand books accessible with a single swipe–and an e-book is a perfect solution to their woes. Whether you want to go over books regarding your work or just some zany titles to escape reality for a while, e-books will be your perfect solution for your reading woes.

What to look for: There are two types of e-book readers: e-paper type and LCD type readers. Most of the time, e-paper readers are gadgets dedicated to reading while LCD-equipped ones have tons of other features such as browsing, games, and other apps. If don’t need other features for your e-book reader, then go for the e-paper variant, but you may need external light source when reading because it has no backlight.

Gadgets may not define dads as a person, but they can greatly improve the way they can rein their lives. Remember, only buy the gadgets that serve you purpose, not the ones that you don’t have a practical use for.