Car Shows In Manila To Look Forward To This 2020

Calling all car enthusiasts and lovers out there: if you’re still searching for activities to complete your 2020 calendar, don’t forget to include these automotive expos!

This year’s biggest and most anticipated car shows will surely leave you in awe, featuring the best rides and car products in the local and international automotive industry.

Saddle up and mark your calendars for these hottest car shows happening this year.

Car Shows In Manila To Look Forward To This 2020

1. My Ride Expo Manila 2020

January 23 to 25, 2020

Location: SMX Convention Center Manila

Entrance fee: P250

Considered the first international modified car expo to happen in the Philippines, My Ride Expo Manila is a three-day event that will feature a total of 50 different types of modified cars and bikes customized and ready to compete for the best body and looks award.

To evaluate the eye for design of the participants, various internationally acclaimed experts on bikes and cars will also be attending the event as part of the jury.

But wait, there’s more! Attendees can also play a part in the event as votes from the public will be counted when determining the winner.

Visitors will get the opportunity to take photos of the personalized cars on display during the event. If you’re due for an upgrade, there will also be a plethora of interesting accessories and parts to check out. Plus, there will be a raffle with prizes of bikes, cars, and smartphones thrown in the mix.

Live music will be playing all day and food and beverages will be available in the event center. Check out My Ride Expo 2020’s official event page for more info.

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2. Manila International Auto Show

April 2 to 5, 2020

Location: World Trade Center Metro Manila

Entrance fee: P100; Senior Citizens P80

The Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) gives car enthusiasts and buyers alike a chance to get a closer look at significant model releases and concepts from the country’s leading auto makers.

It is the biggest and most anticipated annual automotive expo and driving event in the country, which has been going strong for 15 years and counting.

The event will showcase a variety of exciting auto displays, creating an event playground for both enthusiasts and car industry professionals to play in.

MIAS will also be a proving ground for car club displays, a monster truck pavilion, debuts of the latest car models, and a miniature die-cast car collection exhibit. Of course, it will also give attendees a chance test drive their dream cars.

Check out MIAS’s event page for more info.

3. Philippines Bus and Truck Show

July 9 to 11, 2020

Location: SMX Convention Center Manila

Entrance fee: free for those who pre-registered online and those with invitations

The Philippine Bus and Truck Show is an international business-to-business event for commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses in the Philippines. It features the latest models of buses, heavy vehicles, maintenance equipment, and the like.

The expo will bring together various bus and truck parts and service repair workshops, manufacturers, traders, leasing and logistic companies, mining, and construction companies, as well as bus and trucks commercial vehicle operators.

The event will be a one-stop platform that will allow you to be two steps ahead of everybody else. Allowing yo to get the best equipment for your business from the  top-quality trade buyers will be present in the expo.

For more details you may visit the event’s official page.

4. International Auto Parts Accessories and Service and Repair Equipment Exhibition

July 9 to 11, 2020

Location: SMX Convention Center Manila

Entrance fee: Free for those who pre-registered online and those with invitations

More commonly known as PhilAuto, the International Auto Parts Accessories and Service and Repair Equipment Exhibition features the latest on automotive service, repair and maintenance, specialized tuning and modifications, automotive electronics and entertainment devices, automotive accessories, and automotive parts and systems.

Get a chance to learn directly and gain new insights from internationally acclaimed experts present at the said event. It will also feature product displays from industry giants showcasing new developments and innovations in automotive accessories, parts, and systems.

For more info you may visit the official event page here.

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5. Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit

September 9 to 10, 2020

Location: SMX Convention Center Manila

Entrance fee: free for those who will register

The Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit (PEVS) is a haven for those who want to know about the latest technologies and solutions in the field of electric vehicles.

An event focused on electric vehicle development in the country, it brings together commercial users, system integrators, transportation operators, utilities, stakeholders, and government parties.

Attendees will be able to learn and discover innovations in the future of electric mobility as well as get the chance to find new business opportunities and gain valuable connections.

You may check out the official event page for registration and for more info.

6. Trans Sport Show

May 21 to May 24, 2020

Location: SMX Convention Center Manila

Entrance fee: to be announced

From its inauguration in 1992 as a car enthusiast show, Trans Sport Show evolved into one of the most popular automotive events in the industry today.

It is the country’s longest running motoring event, providing a venue for car lovers to band together. This year’s show promises a highly experiential and entertaining atmosphere continuing in the shows tradition of featuring automotive restoration excellence and heritage.

7. Manila Auto Salon

*event details to be announced*

The Manila Auto Salon was born out of two amazing events combined into one: the Custom Car Show and Sport Truck Show.

The show gathers various local and international dealers, distributors, manufacturers of the automotive industry under one roof.

Although they still haven’t announced their event schedule this 2020, keep checking this post and we will update you as soon as we know.

8. Philippine International Motor Show

*event details to be announced*

Organized by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI), the Philippine International Motor Show exhibits its members’ exciting offers for the year—from latest car models, to services, and technologies every year.

Performance headliner cars and aggressive concepts will also be the dazzling stars of the event, so you’ll surely have a fascinating time spending the day walking amongst exhibits.

Same as Manila Auto Salon, they still haven’t announced their event details, but we will update you once they do so keep posted!