Banks Issue Advisory On Check Clearing

Starting January 4, 2016, checks with errors will no longer be accepted, even if countersigned.


In accordance with PCHC Memo Circular 15-460 issued by the Philippine Clearing House Corporation (PCHC) in September of this year, the public is advised that effective January 4, 2016, checks with erasures, alterations, deficiencies, or missing details—even with a countersignature—will no longer be accepted by banks in the Philippines. This applies to checks issued for both deposits and payments.

Checks that have incomplete details will also no longer be accepted for clearing. Banks advise the public to make sure they fill out completely, clearly, and correctly all the details in the own checks to keep them valid.

To keep your checks from getting rejected, make sure the following fields are free from alterations or errors:

– Date

– Name of the payee (whether indicated as “Cash,” “Bearer,” “Holder,” or a specific name or any word or phrase of identification)

– Amount in figures

– Amount in words

– Signature of the Drawer/s or the Drawer’s signatory/ies

– Account name

– Account number

– Check number

– MICR characters

Checks that do not indicate the following will also be considered invalid:

– Date

– Payee

– Amount payable in figures

– Amount payable in words—except for checks issued by banks (Manager’s or Cashier’s Checks, Demand Drafts) using a check writer

– Signature of the Drawer/s

For post-dated checks (PDCs) with any erasures, alterations. or deficiencies, you need to coordinate with your payee to have the check replaced. –