Awesome Back-To-School Treats With BDO Credit Cards And Debit Cards

Get free CDO Premium products from Waltermart Supermarket with your BDO Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

Awesome Back-To-School Treats With BDO Credit Cards And Debit Cards

WalterMart’s back-to-school deal gives out free CDO Premium Good Treats (1 CDO Premium Hotdog Classic-Size 230g + 1 CDO Premium Young Pork Tocino 225g) for every P3,000 minimum spend using your BDO Credit or Debit Card until July 20, 2016.

You may redeem of the free CDO products until September 20, 2016.

The promo is open to all active and qualified BDO Credit and Debit Cardholders, except for BDO UnionPay and BDO American Express Cashback Credit Cardholders.

Promo mechanics:

1. The availability of BDO-Walter Mart Supermarket applies to the following:

• All active principal and supplementary Credit Cardholders of BDO MasterCard, Visa, JCB and American Express. Not included in the promo are BDO American Express Cashback Credit Cardholders.
• All active BDO Debit Cardholders.
• A minimum of P3,000 single-receipt purchase using the BDO Credit Card or Debit Card at Walter Mart Supermarket will get a FREE CDO Premium Back-to-School Treats bundle.

Each bundle of CDO Premium Back-to-School Treats includes:

Contents Quantity
CDO Premium Hotdogs Classic-Size 230g 1
CDO Premium Young Pork Tocino 225g 1

1. This promo* is available until July 20, 2016.

2. The redemption period of CDO Premium Back-to-School Treats bundle is until September 20, 2016.

3. In order to redeem:

• The cardholder must present active BDO Credit Card or Debit Card at the Walter Mart Customer Service Counter.
• Present original charge slip (receipt) with minimum single receipt purchase of P3,000 from Walter Mart Supermarket to get one (1) free CDO Premium Back-to-School Treats bundle
• The original receipt will be electronically authorized and the original customer copy of the receipt should be presented. Duplicate / merchant / bank copy is not accepted.

4. The cardholder who failed to present the original receipt will not be allowed to redeem. Faded and unreadable charge slips will not be accepted. BDO and WalterMart Supermarket shall not be responsible to recognize or replace any unissued, misplaced, lost, faded or stolen slip/s.

5. The cardholder is entitled to a maximum of three (3) redemptions per day per store. Note that the charge slips must be of different transaction dates within the promo period to be qualified.

6. Only one qualified charge slip will be accepted for redemption per Cardholder for multiple charge slips taken from one branch within the same day. This applies even if the cardholder has more than one qualified charge slip. WalterMart Supermarket reserves the right to deny acceptance of multiple charge slip redemption if found disputing with mechanics.

7. The cardholder should redeem the treats at the same WalterMart Supermarket where the purchase was made.

8. The promo and treats are not convertible to cash, and not to be exchanged for other products or discounts.

9. The CDO Premium treats are not for resale. Activities involving the re-selling of premium treats will be considered fraudulent.

10. The cardholder will shoulder the charge on the cost of the treat if the transaction was found to be fraudulent. BDO reserves the right to charge or debit the prorated cost of the redeemed treat. The charge will be either through the cardholder’s BDO Credit Card or Debit Card or directly collect prorated amount from the Cardholder.

11. In the event of dispute in line with but not limited to the eligibility of the Cardholder, coverage of dates, fulfillment, etc., BDO’s decision will prevail. All questions or disputes regarding the Cardholder’s eligibility for the promo or for any redemption shall be resolved by BDO with the concurrence of DTI.

12. Promo is not valid in conjunction with other current promotions of Walter Mart Supermarket, BDO Credit Card or Debit Card.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 6365, Series of 2016.