A 20-Week Savings Plan For Those Who Can’t Afford To Watch Coldplay Live In Manila

The long wait is over for fans of Coldplay. The British band has just confirmed their first-ever Manila gig next year, as part of their “A Head Full of Dreams” tour. Fans are raring to watch Chris Martin and co. live at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on April 4, 2017.

How much does it take for you to watch the band live? Below is the pricelist:

Twitter @coldplay

VIP: P22,500

Platinum: P17,500

Gold: P12,500

Silver: P7,500

Bronze: P3,500

General Admission: P1,800

Indeed, every teardrop is a waterfall at the sight of these numbers. Many people are sulking in on how their budgets cannot weather to pay for the ticket prices. But contrary to what people on social media say, you don’t have to resort to selling your organ just to see Coldplay live.

Avid Coldplay fans only have five months left before the concert date, so here, we challenge you to take part in your own financial adventure of a lifetime.

Since reservations have been opened, expect the tickets to fly off the shelves faster than you can say “Up and Up.” If you don’t have cash on hand, you’ll have to take out a loan or use your credit card to reserve one.

Either way, below is a budget roadmap to help you save up/repay for the P22,500 VIP ticket in the weeks leading up to the concert.

How much you need to save

VIP: P1,125 per week

Platinum: P875 per week

Gold: P625 per week

Silver: P375 per week

Bronze: P175 per week

General admission: P90 per week


Week 1

Maintain a P60 budget per meal.

Week 2

See you later, Starbucks stickers: it’s the 3-in-1/instant coffee challenge for now.

Week 3

Check your store reward points and use them to purchase items before they expires.


Week 4

Do your last-minute Christmas shopping at tiangges and bazaars instead of the malls.

Week 5

Choose the parties you’ll attend wisely to minimize expenses.

Week 6

Save the 30% to 50% of your 13th month pay/Christmas bonus.

Week 7

#TeamBahay: Celebrate your Christmas vacation at home. It’s been a while since you’ve done so, anyway.


Week 8

Start Meatless Mondays as part of a new year, a new you.

Week 9

Stick to your grocery list. Buy only the essentials.

Week 10

Go pure on H20. Say no to softdrinks and juices.

Week 11

Forget seat sales. Plan to travel by land to your own summer paradise in the upcoming season.

Week 12

Declutter. Look for items for reselling.

Week 13

No to expensive flowers and sweet nothings. Try handcrafted gifts instead.

Week 14

Collect loose change in a jar. Use the collected money for extra transpo allowance.

Week 15

Veer from from end-of-the-month sales. No window shopping online either.


Week 16

Pledge to no “gala,” no “tambay” for a week.

Week 17

Eat at home and pack your own baon. No dining out.

Week 18

Stay at home and binge-watch a series. The party starts within you.

Week 19

Brave the public transport and avoid spending more than P25 for a trip.


Week 20

You’re only days away from seeing Coldplay live. Kapit lang, bes!