7 Types Of Drivers You Don’t Want To Meet On The Road

You want real change? Let’s start with these guys.

7 Types Of Drivers You Don't Want To Meet On The Road

The Philippines is ranked ninth place as the worst place to drive, as per the Global Driver Satisfaction Index of Waze in 2015. Some of you must have thought: really, they only found that out in 2015? Because apart from the everyday horrors we encounter on the road, drivers with different moods, “unorthodox” driving styles, and those who have blatant disregard for traffic laws have been working hand in hand to make sure you don’t get to your destination on time. Here are just a few types of people (we’re sure we could name a lot more) behind the wheel that you should be cautious about when hitting the road.

The Pompous Parker

He’s a tax payer, all right—albeit one who thinks that road-widening projects are done for his parking convenience. If there’s anything he’s an expert at, it’s pulling the handbrake, his car screaming, “Bahay ko ’to, nakikidaan ka lang” all over.

The Top Gun

What speed limit? What intersection? This dude is fast, furious, and often running late for his meeting. Never mind if he puts other drivers in peril—to him, it’s a race to the finish line, dead or alive.

The Passenger Hoarder

The Driver-Conductor tag team waits until the vehicle is beyond capacity and once the “sabit” passengers are “secured” on the vehicle. No sabit, no go. And no, they’re #Sorrynotsorry for it.

Mr. Taking His Sweet Time

Mr. THST often drives at 5mph because he loves his car so much, or simply takes his time appreciating the view around him. He could also be busy swiping right on Tinder, or reporting the heavy traffic situation on Waze–to which he unwittingly contributes.

The Multitasking Mess

In relation to the above: This is one helluva busy guy. Texting while driving. Chatting while driving. Reading while driving. Cutting his nails while driving. Chomping on cheeseburger while driving. Anything but driving while driving. That’s what his two hands are for anyway.

The Honky Tonky Man

His nervous hand is right on cue–ready to hammer the car horn at anything and everything that surprises, stirs, and aggravates him. Pedestrian crossing? Honk! A car signaling to switch lanes? Honk! A road intersection? Why press on the brake pedals when you can honk?

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The Tailgater

“Bawal ang singit” is his philosophy in life. For him, space is sacred and therefore should not wasted on the atmosphere around him. He easily gets pissed when he gets stuck and unable to switch lanes. There always has to be space for him to move around–a fender bender be damned.

The Harry Houdini

He’s the professional escapist. He has his technique to get away with his traffic violations—either from revving from 0 to 100mph or using a few tricks tricks up his sleeves to make money appear in the pockets of enforcers. Sadly, he can’t Houdini his way out of those traffic cameras on Edsa.  –Diana Lyn Balbalosa