5 New Proudly Pinoy-Made Apps To Watch For

When we hear about groundbreaking mobile apps, there’s always that association with Silicon-valley tech-geniuses. Over the last few years, however, popular apps didn’t just come from Steve Jobs-like individuals. Some have even come from our own shores.

Be it an original idea or an existing-made-innovative one, may these proudly Filipino-made apps inspire you to start building your very own groundbreaking app, or simply start supporting our local businesses.

Here are the f ive Pinoy-made apps to support and watch for this 2019 and beyond.

1. Sparadic

Launched in June 2018, Sparadic is currently the fastest growing on-demand spa booking app in the Philippines. It lets users book a massage or any spa service from their homes, anytime.

More than just providing faster booking responses, they also help small to medium spa businesses with marketing and getting more clients. They’re currently serving both clients and businesses within Metro Manila, but they’re soon launching on-demand spa and in-home massage services in leading cities all over the country.

Their onboarding process guarantees legitimate spa establishments and therapists.

Sparadic CEO Cha Rapadas adds, “The difference between Sparadic and other on-demand spa booking apps is the quality of spa professionals that you will get. We partner up with existing and well-established spas around Metro Manila. We require our providers to submit full proof of business, Government IDs, and certifications of their enrolled therapists before they become our partner providers. We also check reviews from their previous clients to make sure we are partnering up with only the best professionals in the city.”

Check out the nearest spa providers near you and get a spa service in the comfort of your own home, with zero booking fee. Sparadic app users can enjoy the free booking until December 30, 2018. A P50 booking fee will then be applied after the promo period.

Follow Sparadic on Facebook to avail of quality spa services near you.

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2. Hackuna

Popular apps and online games lure us to sign up and download blindly, not knowing just how much app permissions they require from us. Most people don’t even read and go straight to downloading these nosey apps. Well, there’s now an answer to that by Hackuna, an anti-Hack app.

While you still have your trusted anti-virus app on your phone, Hackuna takes it to the next level by protecting your personal data. They prevent the possibility of mobile phone hacking when you use public Wi-Fi networks with their Wi-Fi blocker feature. It informs the user of anyone attempting to hack into their mobile phones.

It also has a Privacy Analyzer feature that checks each app to make sure they don’t collect more private data than what’s allowed.

According to its CEO Alexis Lingad, this is a first of its kind mobile app that combats hackers and intrusive apps using a Wi-Fi blocker button that identifies and informs its users of any app or person attempting to hack their mobile devices. Going the extra mile is providing its users with current cybersecurity-related news on the app. This not only helps get rid of unwanted data mining, but it also educates people. Two thumbs up!

You can currently find and download Hackuna on the Google Play Store. They are still working on making it available on iOS.

3. World of Numbers

Tagged “The best arithmetic game in town,” this app is aimed for math enthusiasts that want to hone their skills, or simply kill time. The app was created by Admor Aloysious Aguilar under Water’s World, launched only last July 2018.

You play on what looks like a Sudoku 9-tile box on your screen, but it’s actually a subtraction game. The center box needs to be subtracted to every box or number around it. The player wins if the center number is subtracted to zero after using all the numbers. It’s game over if the center number ends up in a negative number.

You can find World of Numbers on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

4. MyKuya

Another revolutionary app that brings convenience to Filipino lives is MyKuya, a service/errand on-demand app.

You’ll be able to track a nearby Kuya or Ate and tell them about the help that you need. Whether it’s to clean your house, pick up stuff, or food delivery, MyKuya offers those services within Metro Manila.

The pricing as shown on the Google App Store is P49 per 30 minutes for the service person. However, note that this can still change when you download the app.

You can get MyKuya on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

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HYPE Transport Systems fills the gap left with current transport booking apps. For one, the app allows users to text nearby drivers even when they’re offline. Then it comes with a no-fuss one-tap emergency button for passengers’ security and peace of mind.

As the app is fairly new—launched in July 2018, it currently works to offer cheaper fare rates than Grab. Improvements with their services are currently in the works, but it’s only a matter of time until it gains more users. This all-Filipino app deserves to be on the same level as Grab in the transport network vehicle service (TNVS) market in the Philippines.

You can download Hype from both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

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