11 Things Only People Who Work In Makati And Live In QC Can Relate To

You spend three to four hours of your life on your daily commute to Makati from Quezon City (or somewhere equally remote) and back. Doing the math, that’s about 60 to 80 hours a month, or 720 to 960 hours a year. Forty days of your precious life spent on traffic and harsh living conditions every year.

But such is the life of a true working-class hero. If there’s one person who can attest that the struggle is real, it’s you. We’re talking about these struggles:

1. In dire situations when you can’t even afford a simple Jollijeep spaghetti meal, you pack your own lunch and make sure it’s safe from unwanted elements.


2. You’ve had your share of misadventures with colorum vehicles.


3. You sleep while the sun is up and wake up when it’s dark, and vice versa.


4. You always come prepared for all kinds of weather.


5. You’re used to hearing, “Kuya, pakibaba ako sa may Pag-ibig” on jeepney rides from Bel-Air Buendia.


6. The distance has taught you that love isn’t supposed to be easy, but it should be worth it.


7. And so, hugot lines often pop up in your head every time you ride the MRT.


8. Even though you have a love-hate relationship with it.


9. Just when you have cash to spare, you learn that flagging down a cab is next to impossible.


10. You’re left with no choice but to walk. That’s when you somehow find comfort in street names.


11. And unlike your officemates from the south, you feel no love at all for payday Fridays.


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