QUIZ: What Type Of Investor Are You?

There are many ways to start investing. Each method has its own pros and cons; oftentimes, misinformation and lack of information can make you lose money than earn some. Before you empty your bank account and put your hard-earned cash somewhere you think it “might” grow, it helps to know what type of investor you are. Ask yourself these questions and pick the item that best describes you. The result at the end of the quiz will guide you on the next steps to take.

1. How do you react in the face of uncertainty?

2. Complete the sentence: Failure is _________________.

3. What is the most compelling reason to start investing?

4. How long do you plan on investing your money?

5. How comfortable are you in potentially losing a certain amount of money?

After some self-assessment with the said questions, it’s time to know the profile of the investor in you.