What’s The Cheapest Way To Get The iPhone 7 In The Philippines?

Weeks after the iPhone 7 was announced during Apple’s special event last September, fans of the Cupertino-based tech company couldn’t wait to get their hands on the new smartphone from Apple.

With two variants offered—namely the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus—and a plethora of new features like dual camera, bigger display, and performance gains, Apple is adamant to corner the smartphone market.

For iPhone die-hards in the country, the long wait is finally over. The iPhone 7 is finally available in the Philippines, with the biggest carriers here finally give the fans a taste of new tech.

Ready to find out how much the new iPhones will cost you? If you’re wondering what’s the cheapest way to get the iPhone in the Philippines, we’ve got you covered.

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Part of a plan

Globe Telecom doesn’t shy away from giving fans full information about the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

According to the main page for the iPhone 7 on their site, users can get the handset for P2,599 per month. The disclaimer says this is the it’s the price postpaid clients have to pay every month if they’re subscribed to Plan 1999 with a P600 cashout every month for two years.

Postpaid users can get their hands on the new Apple smartphone at the following plans. Take note that these plans have a lock-in period of two years and the cash-out will be divided into 24 monthly installments:

Globe Plan iPhone 7 32GB iPhone 7 128GB iPhone 7 256GB iPhone 7 Plus 32GB iPhone 7 Plus 128GB iPhone 7 Plus 256GB
Plan 599 P32,400 P38,400 P43,200 P50,400 P44,400 P50,400
Plan 999 P25,200 P31,200 P37,200 P44,400 P38,400 P44,400
Plan 1299 P22,800 P28,800 P33,600 P40,800 P34,800 P40,800
Plan 1999 P14,400 P20,400 P26,400 P21,600 P27,600 P33,600
Plan 2499 P6,000 P12,000 P18,000 P25,200 P19,200 P25,200

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Meanwhile, Smart has already announced that they will also release the new iPhones for the customers. However, they haven’t gotten down to the specifics, such as pricing and bundled plans, yet as of this writing. But interested users can already fill up the registration form on their website.

Marked on the gray market

Usually, telecom companies are the first to release the newest and hottest handsets in the country, but it seems like premium resellers like Lazada have already caught up with the trend.

To those who want to just buy the smartphone without getting postpaid plans with the local carriers, here are just some of the price range listed on Lazada:

Variant Price
iPhone 7 32GB P39,899 to P60,490
iPhone 7 128GB P43,999 to P47,699
iPhone 7 256GB P48,799 to P52,099
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB P49,199 to P78,498
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB P54,999 to P55,999
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB P60,499 to P103,495