What Is The Cost Of Being A Housewife?

Housewives budgeting

Being a housewife may just be the most difficult job of them all. Unlike superheroes who have to live double lives just to save the world, housewives always have to don their invisible capes to make sure that the family remains intact in this whole shenanigan called family life.

While it is unfair to measure all their hard work and effort with the monetary equivalent, what is the amount of every household activity performed by a housewife? You’ll be surprised how much you can bill your husband for every service you render to your family.

Factor in everything

In the realm of the working-class people, every effort, every output given is equal to some form of compensation, and in all cases, it is money. If we are going to compute the value of each housewife’s duties, then you have to break it down to the following categories:

  • Nanny duties
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Personal assistant
  • Tutor
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Therapist

Take note that these are the main duties performed by stay-at-home moms if they do not have a helper taking some load off their shoulders.

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Missed opportunities

While we’re not saying that stay-at-home moms miss income opportunities because of their full-time duty as a mother, this is the breakdown of all the services rendered by moms and their corresponding income. Take note that all rates are based on local job listings:

Nanny – P4,000/month

When a woman becomes a mother, her world will start to revolve around this child until she can. That is why moms, especially full-time housewives, dedicate their entire lives just to make sure that all their child’s needs are taken care of.

If not the mom, then it’s up to the nanny to make sure that everything a mother cannot provide for is done.

Cook – P8,000/month

To make sure that no member of the family goes hungry, it is up to the mother to prepare sumptuous dishes for the family. Learning how to cook–let alone cook really well–takes a lot of efforts and some bad trials.

While most families hire helpers who can also cook, but that’s beside the point. Cooks take pride in their job, and it is just enough to compensate them with such payment.

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Cleaner – P500/day

In the old days, people have to hire all-around maids to make sure that the house is spotless and free from dust and dirt.

But now, it is easy to just phone an agency to send in a cleaner whenever you need someone to sweep the floor squeaky clean, wipe the dust away, and make sure that the house is presentable. Well, housewives can do that, and they do it for free.

Executive Assistant – P10,000/month

A personal assistant makes sure that everything needed by his boss can be met; whether it is clerical work, advice, travel or others, she has to make sure that she can take off some jobs from her boss’ hands.

And as a housewife and a companion of her partner, she can do a lot of those things and more.

Tutor – P300/day

People say that a child’s first teacher is his mother, and when he starts to attend school, this teacher-student relationship doesn’t really end.

In fact, education goes beyond the classroom, with the mother making sure that the child is learning more than just academic knowledge but as well as moral and emotional lessons–something that tutors can never really match.

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Washer – P1,000/session

They say that clothes can make or break a person, and if he isn’t presentable enough, well, you have to blame the person who does the laundry.

Aside from washing the clothes, moms also have to dry them, fold them, and iron them to make sure that her partner and children will definitely look presentable in front of other people.

Personal therapist – P1,000/session

Husbands confide to their wives about almost anything: personal problems, work-induced stress, financial distress signals.

On the same breadth, kids run to their mothers when they’re in trouble, and they will do everything just to make sure that their kid is alright.

Unfortunately, professional therapists charge only for a single visit, and you need to pay more if you want another therapy session with him.

Bottomline: You are priceless

You may not be earning these compensations for what you do as a full-time mom. However, this doesn’t mean that you are missing a lot. In fact, there is no monetary compensation for being a mom who can juggle all these things in one day because it takes love, devotion, and dedication to do this all.

After all, there is nothing more satisfying that seeing at the end of the day, Just keep in mind that you are worth more than any these amounts combined, and you efforts are what makes this world go round and round.