Weekly Challenge: Money-Saving Habits That Can Uplift Your Lifestyle

A significant number hours of our day is dedicated to our jobs, and making money has become the life for many. That is why when we have little to no cash at hand, we feel as if our lives are down to the ground too. Your hard-earned money can buy you things, but a fine way of life is can go a long way than that.

You can give your daily routine a makeover while saving money at the same time. Here are some habits you can practice to improve both your lifestyle and finances. Take the challenge below!



    Skip the meat and eat fruits and vegetables. Frequent meat and other livestock consumption could dent your finances too as they are all-time pricey compare to other food options. Go for affordable fruits and vegetables instead. You can also look into other protein-rich varieties like soy and nuts. This kind of diet can also detoxify your body alongside money-saving benefits.


    Skip the cab or car and brave the mass transport. Take the bus or train to cut down cost on gas consumption. You may also walk or ride your bike on the way to the office if your workplace is just minutes away. Aside from saving on gas expense, public commuting is also a way to keep your body going and constantly alert.


    Skip the gym and do your workout at home. Jog or brisk walk on your neighborhood. The streets are open to everybody so you might as well take advantage of it. In doing this, you are shaking off your stress and maintaining good shape without paying for the hefty gym membership fee.


    Skip fast-food and prepare your own meals. Ordering on restaurants and fast-foods on a daily basis can cost you a lot of cash. Pack your lunch and merienda for work so you can veer away from food expense and save money. Also, ready-made foods are loaded with fats. When you cease dumping junk in to your system, you are also investing on your health and in your pocket as well.


    Skip the TV and read instead. Watching asinine TV shows just to kill time will garner you nothing but high electricity bills. Instead, sit down and enjoy a good book or a magazine. Reading is beneficial to your mind, body, and spirit as you discover perspectives.



    Reexamine your wardrobe and remove the ones you won’t wear anymore. Sell unused clothes online, on thrift shops, or hold a garage sale. With a tinge of creativity and effort, your clothes can be worn again when altered. Turn old pants into shorts, skirt, or tote; or turn a long sleeves into a tank top. In this way, you can convert unused items to cash and lower your shopping expenses.


    Set a night out indoors with your friends. Help each other cook for dinner, then watch a movie or play cards and board games. You can also set up cups on table for an exciting beer pong match. This is a simple yet inexpensive get together that can tighten your group’s bond. Importantly, you can have more meaningful discussions at home than catching up in a luxurious bar.


    Do all the bath and brushing for your pet. Your animal friend will be more than happy with your TLC and you won’t have to avail expensive grooming services.
    Wash your car instead of paying for auto shops to do it. Cleaning the car by yourself will give you a sense of commitment to keeping it well-maintained. This way, you will be more extra careful in using your car to prevent unwanted automobile expenditure.

EXTRA CHALLENGE: Smile and wave at your neighbors whenever you get the chance. They can lend a hand in case you need anything, like letting you borrow tools or helping you fix the faucet. Their help can lessen your unexpected expenditures in home improvement or other aspects. Also, being in good terms with your neighbor can give you utmost peace of mind, knowing that they look out for you too.

A wise spending habit can provide you financial and personal security. Remember that saving money goes hand-in-hand with a productive and balanced lifestyle. Start the challenge today to get a grip of better perspective in life and in money!