How Much Is Toyota Car Insurance In The Philippines?

A high resale value, accessible parts, and relatively stress-free maintenance—these are just some of the things that owners of Toyota vehicles can take pride in. And when it comes to getting car insurance, they certainly have more options.

With a five-star crash-test score from its popular 2019 models such as Fortuner, Hilux, Camry, Vios, Innova, Yaris, and Altis, it’s no wonder why Toyota is on top of the bestselling car brands last year.

Toyota Car Insurance Cost in the Philippines 2019

It’s also remarkable how they managed to keep each variant appealing with premium technological updates, making driving a breeze.

To give you an overview of Toyota car insurance costs, scroll down below.

Are Toyotas expensive to insure?

The average insurance rate for a Toyota vehicle ranges from ₱12,000 to ₱60,000, depending on the model and the year it was released.

In addition, Toyota parts are available everywhere and as stated, this legendary car manufacturer bears high safety ratings making its insurance fee cheaper compared to other brands.

Refer to the table below for the lowest annual insurance premium for each model.

Toyota model Series Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost
Wigo 2019 1.0 E Gas Manual Transmission FWD Hatchback 5-seater

1.0 TRD Gas Automatic Transmission FWD Hatchback 5-seater



Vios 2019 1.3 J Base Model Gas Manual Transmission FWD Sedan 5-seater 1.3 XE Gas Automatic Transmission FWD Sedan 5-seater



Yaris 2019 1.3 E Gas Manual Transmission FWD Hatchback 5-seater 1.3 E Gas Automatic Transmission FWD Hatchback 5-seater



Corolla Altis 2019 1.6 E Gas Manual Transmission Sedan 5-seater 1.6 G Gas Automatic Transmission FWD Sedan 5-seater



Camry 2019 2.5 Gas Automatic Transmission FWD Sedan 5-seater


86 2019 2.0 Gas Manual Transmission RWD Coupe 4-seater 2.0 Gas Automatic Transmission RWD Coupe 4-seater



Prius C 2017 1.5 Full Options Hybrid Automatic Transmission FWD Hatchback 5-seater 1.5 Standard Hybrid Automatic Transmission FWD Hatchback 5-seater (White Pearl)



Prius 2019 1.8 Hybrid Automatic Transmission FWD Hatchback 5-seater 1.8 Hybrid Automatic Transmission FWD Hatchback 5-seater (White Pearl)



Avanza 2019 1.3 J Gas Manual Transmission RWD MPV 5-seater 1.3 E Gas Automatic Transmission RWD MPV 7-seater



Rush 2019 1.5 E Gas Manual Transmission RWD SUV 5-seater 1.5 E Gas Automatic Transmission RWD SUV 5-seater



Innova 2019 2.0 J Gas Manual Transmission RWD MPV 7-seater 2.0 E Gas Automatic Transmission RWD MPV 7-seater



Alphard 2019 3.5 Gas Automatic Transmission FWD 7-seater


Fortuner 2019 2.4 G Diesel Manual Transmission RWD SUV 7-seater 2.4 G Diesel Automatic Transmission RWD SUV 7-seater



Rav4 2019 2.5 Active Gas Automatic Transmission FWD Crossover 5-seater 2.4 V Gas Automatic Transmission FWD 7-seater



Previa 2016 2.4 V Gas Automatic Transmission FWD 7-seater (White Pearl)


HiAce 2019 3.0 Commuter Deluxe Diesel Manual Transmission RWD Van 3.0 GL Grandia Diesel Automatic Transmission RWD Van



HiLux 2019 2.4 Cab Chassis Diesel Manual Transmission RWD Pick Up 2-seater 2.4 G Diesel Automatic Transmission RWD Pick Up 5-seater



FJ Cruiser 2019 4.0 Gas Automatic Transmission AWD SUV 5-seater


Land Cruiser 2019 3.0 Prado Diesel Manual Transmission AWD SUV 7-seater 3.0 Prado Diesel Automatic Transmission AWD SUV 7-seater



Coaster 2019 4.1 Diesel Manual Transmission RWD Minibus 29-seater ₱62,787.83

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Take note that the rates we quote above are for a comprehensive car insurance policy. This type of policy can be customized based on your exposure to different risks, but this will change the price.

We strongly suggest that if you reside or go to work in a flood-prone area, opt forActs of Nature as it can generally help in maintaining or fixing a drenched vehicle.

In addition, it is advisable for regular drivers to add a Personal Accident Coverage for further protection.

Cheapest car insurance prices for Toyota vehicles in the Philippines

1. Toyota Wigo 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱12,960.69

Though one of the smallest in Toyota’s fleet, this compact vehicle’s strongest point is its ability to maneuver quickly on the road.

In addition, parking is a breeze as it can perfectly fit into challenging spaces most vehicles won’t.

2. Toyota Vios 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱15,125.49

As the company’s best-selling model in the Philippines for 2006 to 2017, the Vios is once again reigning with its 2019 updates.

The exterior boasts a prime look with a split grille that complements its long, modern headlights while the back’s taillights wrap up to the rear side.

Inside, the area is spacious with wide head and legroom ideal for groups and families. It’s one noteworthy feature is the pleasant cabin noise isolation that lets you relax while driving.

3. Toyota Yaris 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱19,397.09

With enhancements similar to the Corolla Altis, this subcompact hatchback now has a fiercer front grille that houses its headlights.

At the back, the beltline gracefully goes all the way to the back highlighting the narrow headlamps.

Bolstered seats, a useful dashboard, and the likes are found inside which is also surprisingly roomy.

4. Toyota Corolla Altis 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱20,962.69

Known for bordering between sophistication and an athletic feel for more than 50 years, the 2019 version of the Altis has a futuristic vibe backed with commendable safety features such airbags which are mounted at the side, curtain and at the driver’s knees.

5. Toyota Camry 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱37,372.59

Considered the company’s most stylish mid-sized sedan, the Camry has focused (Light-Emitting Diode) LED headlights, deep sidelines and up-to-date curves that guarantee a strong presence on the roads.

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6. Toyota 86 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱40,078.58

Constructed as a sports coupe together with Subaru, 86 is acclaimed for its high level of agility on the road.

Today’s version has a broader grille, mighty bumper paired with gorgeous taillights.

As expected, it has a superb engine performance attained through combining Subaru’s 2.0L engine and the D4-S fuel injection system perfected by Toyota.

7. Toyota Prius C 2017

Cheapest annual premium: ₱25,775.49

For the best fuel mileage plus easiness of maneuvering, go for the Prius C. It is applauded in Japan due to its ease of use: Press the starter then choose D and you’re good to go.

In addition, to go with the no-frills aura of this automobile, its exterior is humble yet refreshing to look at.

8. Toyota Prius 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱45,877.13

Compared to the Prius C, the Prius is larger and designed in anticipation of the futuristic-looking 4-wheel vehicles in the market today.

In addition, it provides utmost safety with its Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Traction Control, SRS airbags, Vehicle Stability Control, and immobilizer.

9. Toyota Avanza 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱14,276.62

For 2019, Avanza got edgier with noticeable enhancements such as a restructured fascia, up to date headlights, strong side curves, and freshly designed wheels.

Additionally, its 2,655mm wheelbase can generously fit 7 passengers with seats equipped with bottle and cup holders for utmost comfort.

10. Toyota Rush 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱18,284

Rush is the Japanese carmaker’s answer to its loyal fans looking for a 5 to 7-seater (Sports Utility Vehicle) SUV that won’t take so much from your bank accounts.

In addition, its reliable high ground clearance of 220mm assures safe and worry-free driving in flooded areas.

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11. Innova 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱19,332.34

Known for outstanding ride quality and reliability, Innova is one of Toyota’s most in-demand Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs).

It’s a good-looking vehicle aerodynamically shaped and affixed with a wide angular grille and impressive guide lights in the front and rear end.

Furthermore, safety features such as three-point seatbelts, ISOFIX child seat anchors, stability control and the likes are meticulously installed for overall protection.

12. Toyota Alphard 2019

Cheapest annual premium: P63,802.35

Packed with top of the line attributes like full leather interior, wide sunroof, 16 colors of mood lighting, the Alphard screams luxury and is ideal for long trips.

In addition, it is powered by a 3.5-liter dual overhead camshafts (DOHC) 24 valve V6 engine ensuring a sturdy ride even if it’s jampacked with 7 full-grown adults.

13. Toyota Fortuner 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱29,139.41

One of the company’s popular and top-selling models, the Fortuner still holds a strong attitude loved by new and old users.

Additionally, its front face is sleekly global while the back is highlighted with chrome details affixed with broad fog lightings.

The inside is elegant with black and dark brown hues matched with wooden fixtures. A high-end entertainment system featuring a DVD player complements its classy vibe.

14. Toyota Rav4 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱26,603.10

With its good looks that go well with the current trend, this 5-seat compact cross over still has the charisma that made people adore it when it was first released in the 90s.

This season, the revamped Rav4 is adorned with satin chrome accents, silver exhausts, LED taillights and a relaxing panoramic moonroof, making it as youthful as ever.

15.Toyota Previa 2016

Cheapest annual premium: ₱29,815.76

The Previa is a great family car that is really worth considering.

It has 7 comfortable leather seats, a touchscreen infotainment system and touch control climate system to provide riders with an enjoyable trip.

Safety is also well thought of as it comes with the Toyota Safety Sense C package ensuring your loved one’s utmost protection.

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16. Toyota HiAce 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱28,970.33

As one of the company’s most iconic models, the versatile HiAce received a robust front face upgrade, making it not only pleasing but also increased its forward crash protection.

In addition, the company further expanded its size making it convenient and massive that can accommodate 12 to 15 full-grown passengers depending on the model’s variant.

17. Toyota HiLux 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱15,933.68

As the reigning rugged but extremely reliable Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle (IMV) of Toyota, the HiLux’s unmatched tough look is improved with a modern chrome grille, wide headlights, and a more muscular rear.

In terms of safety, it provides much-needed electronic stability, with traction and trailer sway controls that help you cruise on tough roads.

18. Toyota FJ Cruiser 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱36,241.09

Though a bit intimidating, drivers longing for the nostalgic feeling of riding a classic Land Cruiser model should try out the FJ Cruiser equipped with technological updates but keeping an old school vibe.

Additionally, an innovative information display, power outlets, wireless door locking mechanism, and other useful accessories adorn the inside that accommodates 5 people.

19. Toyota Land Cruiser 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱67,860.45

For over 60 years, this full-sized (Sports Utility Vehicle) SUV is known to have an impeccable balance of being economical and fun to drive.

In addition, it still provides a flawless cruise power attained through the reliable V8 direct injection, common rail system, and twin-turbo intercooler powered by a diesel engine.

20. Toyota Coaster 2019

Cheapest annual premium: ₱62,787.83

Introduced in 1963 as an answer to the growing demand for minibus that time, the coaster has gone through a lot from being LPG powered to modifying it to become hybrid.

In addition, Asian countries like Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore adore this light bus due to its versatility and proven durability.

If you’re looking for an automobile that can accommodate 30 passengers equipped with baggage racks, luggage lamps, and the likes, you might want to consider this “working vehicle.”

Being a responsible driver only lessens the risk of accidents. Considering there are more kamote drivers than good ones in the country, accidents can really happen at any given time. Come prepared by getting a comprehensive car insurance policy with an aid for financial accountability, coverage from replacement/repair fees, preparation for law requirements, and handling of medical cost for overall peace of mind.

For a hassle-free and real-time online comparison of the best Toyota insurance rates, compare Car Insurance online, easily get car insurance quotes, and get assisted by a reliable agent to help you through the application process.