Top Credit Cards In The Philippines 2019: Air Miles, Rewards, Cashbacks, And More

Thinking of getting a credit card? Not sure which one to get? We’re here to help. Presenting: Your ultimate guide to the top credit cards in the Philippines as of 2019.

In this article, you’ll find a list of credit cards, their perks and rewards. There are cards that earn airmiles, cashbacks, fuel rebates, travel rewards, and more. Compare these different credit cards for the most sulit rewards and benefits that suit your lifestyle.

Top Credit Cards In The Philippines

Take note that many credit cards offer more than one perk; a card might be a good air miles card and a good reward card or have no annual fee and be a cashback card. So, you might encounter certain cards more than once. Just decide which card feature is more important to you first, then investigate what ELSE it can offer you.

The best credit cards for air miles

Your dreams of being a jet setter are well within reach. Plan, save, execute, and find the best air miles credit card in the Philippines to be your travel partner anywhere in the world.

Note that the processing of miles can take about three to five business days, and flight availability depends on the airline.

1. AUB Platinum Mastercard

AUB Platinum Mastercard

The AUB Platinum Mastercard allows you to earn reward points when you use it. For every P33 spent, you get 1.65 reward points while a P40 spend gets you two reward points.

What makes this card more than just a good reward card and a great air miles card is the fact that it has tied up with the Philippine Airlines’ frequent flier program Mabuhay Miles. The reward points you earn from using your card can be converted to PAL Mabuhay Miles.

2. Citi PremierMiles Visa Card

Citi Premir Miles Visa

Non-expiring, low rewards-points-to-miles conversion, and free access to VIP lounges with travel protection, that’s what puts Citi PremierMiles Visa Card on the list of the best air miles credit cards in the Philippines.

This credit card allows you to earn a reward point for every P30 spent. You can use these reward points to redeem flights with not just one or two but over 60 airlines!

3. HSBC Platinum Visa

HSBC Platinum Visa

One air mile for every P25 spend. That’s how easy you can collect air miles with an HSBC Platinum Visa. There is also the added perk of free Travel Accident Insurance of up to P10 million.

This air miles credit card also rewards you for using it during your travels as overseas purchases earn four times the reward points. This means you have even more chances to rack up air miles you can use for your next trip.

4. PNB The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard

PNB Travel Club Platinum Mastercard

PNB has tied up with both the Travel Club and PAL in this card, which is geared toward travel junkies.

This card is a rewards card where you can get a reward point for every P40 spent at the Travel Club and every P70 spent elsewhere. These reward points are redeemable for Mabuhay Miles with every point being equal to one mile. Take note that redemption is made in blocks of 2,000 points.

Another travel-related perk you can get with the PNB The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard is free travel insurance of up to P3 million. All you need to do is charge your tickets to your credit card.

5. RCBC Bankard Visa Infinite Card

RCBC Bankard Infinite Visa

For every P36 spent, you get one reward point that can be converted to miles. You also get access to the MIASCOR Airport Lounge Service.

Another travel-related benefit of this credit card is free travel insurance coverage worth P500,000 for local, and up to P1 million for international trips.

6. EastWest Bank Visa/Mastercard Gold

Eastwest Platinum Visa and Mastercard

EastWest gives you a choice between Visa or Mastercard, but either way, they provide a wide array of rewards from dining, shopping, travel, to health and wellness.

One of the rewards that you can get with these cards is redeemable air miles. For every P100 spent, you earn one reward point, which can be converted into air miles.

Other great features for travelers are free travel insurance of up to P20 million and an up to 50% cash advance on the credit limit.

7. Maybank Mastercard Platinum

Maybank Platinum Mastercard

Maybank Mastercard Platinum is tailored for travelers that want ease and security. Take advantage of its low conversion fee, 1% cashback on overseas transactions, and a P50 to 1 rewards points conversion, which can be converted to Krisflyer miles.

8. AUB Gold MasterCard

AUB Gold Mastercard

With this credit card, you earn a reward point for every P20 you spend. These reward points do not expire and can be transferred to the Mabuhay Miles Frequent Flyer program.

Every two AUB reward points earned is equivalent to one Mabuhay Mile. There is a minimum of 4,000 miles to be redeemed.

Other perks of this card include domestic airport lounge access, free for life annual membership fee, and flexible card payment terms.

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The best cashback credit cards

With a cashback credit card, you get some of your money back for a certain amount of spending. Though all the cards in this list are called “cashback credit cards,” the actual “money back” comes in the form of either a cashback or a rebate.

With a cashback a percentage of the money you spent on a credit card returned to your account. For example, if you spend P2,500, you get back P125 for a 5% cash back credit card. You can opt to use this to add to your credit card bill payment.

A rebate is a percentage of money you receive from certain purchases, which are also stored in your credit card account. These are then accumulated for future discounts on the bank’s partner establishments, such as fuel, and shopping.

Take a look at this list of the best cashback credit cards in the Philippines. It’s up to you to decide which ones you actually want to apply for.

1. Citi Cash Back Card

Citi Cash Back Visa

The Citi Cash Back Card is packed with rebates. You can get 6% on groceries, 2% on Meralco bills, and 0.20% on all your other purchases and savings.

You also get all the Citi credit card advantages like discounts, promos, and 0% installment on flexible payment options. One particularly good option is waived annual membership fee.

2. Mercury Drug Citi Card

Citi Mercury Drug Visa

Another one from Citi credit cards, but this time, it’s specifically intended for your good health and wellbeing.

Use this card to get rebates at Mercury Drug—10%, and Mercury Drug Citi Card’s participating wellness centers. These rebates include 10% on hospital bills, and 0.25% rebate on all other purchases. This comes with a 24/7 ambulance service worth P10,000 and all other Citi credit card’s exclusive promos and discounts.

3. EastWest EveryDay Titanium Mastercard

Eastwest Everyday Titanium Mastercard

EastWest Bank is straightforward with their credit cards and promos, and it shows with all the benefits they provide through their EastWest EveryDay Titanium Mastercard.

What you get is 5% rebate on gas, drugstore, and supermarket. More rebates are given to non-essential items as clothing, dining, and hotels. These are all automatically credited to your account.

4. HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card

HSBC Gold Visa

For people who love going out, the HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back gives out big rewards for both fuel and dining transactions.

First, there’s a 5% cashback for dining and a 0.5% cashback for any other transactions. Second, there are rebates for fuel purchases at Caltex stations nationwide. You get a 6% rebate on your first Caltex fuel purchase charged to your HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back, and then after that, it is a 3% rebate for the whole year.

5. Security Bank Complete Cashback

Security Bank Complete Cashback Mastercard

Security Bank Complete Cashback makes it easy to find using your credit card rewarding.

First, they offer cashback rates of 5% for supermarket purchases, 4% for gas purchases, 3% for utility payment, 2% on dining, and 1% on shopping.

Secondly, the card also allows you to earn non-expiring reward points, 1 point for every P20 spent.

6. RCBC Bankard Classic Card

RCBC Bankard Classic Mastercard

The RCBC Bankard Classic Card has a flexible rewards program that allows you to choose how you want to be rewarded. You can get your reward in the form of air miles, shopping vouchers at select establishments, cash credit to your RCBC Bankard, deposit to your RCBC account, a manager’s check or via cashback.

While all those other reward options sound great, the best has got to be their cash rebate option. Using your card at a supermarket, gas station, or drugstore gets you a .20% rebate. You can also avail of a rebate of .69% on all other purchases except for utilities and bills payment merchants.

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The best credit cards for fuel rebates

These are credit cards that give rebates for a specific purpose—fuel and other vehicle-related spending.

1. Metrobank Toyota Mastercard

Metrobank Toyota Mastercard

Toyota is arguably the most popular car brand in the Philippines, and Metrobank Cards has partnered with them to provide Toyota owners with a credit card they will surely love.

This card will get you a 3% fuel rebate any time you gas up at a participating Petron station. There are 500 participating Petron stations all over the Philippines so wherever you go, you are sure to find one. There is also 24/7 roadside assistance provided by Petron.

Using your Metrobank Toyota Mastercard at any Toyota dealer entitles you to a 10% discount on genuine accessories, parts, and labor. This is also a rewards card; you get a point for every P20 spent and you get double that for every P20 spent at a Toyota dealer.

Metrobank Cards calls this the first complete motorist card in the country, but in our opinion its actually a complete travel card as well. It doesn’t just help you with road travel but air travel as well. Reward points earned can be redeemed for air miles with PAL, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines.

2. Shell Citi Card

Citi Shell Platinum Visa

Loyal Shell customers, if you haven’t heard of the Shell Citi Credit Card yet, then you are missing out on big time discounts and promos.

Take this, using a Shell Citi Card you can get up to 5% rebates for Shell fuel purchases, purchases of both SLEX and NLEX Toll, and rebates on auto repairs, accessories and services nationwide.

3. Petron – BPI Mastercard

BPI Petron Mastercard

Petron, the biggest oil company in the Philippines, has partnered with BPI, one of the most trusted and profitable banks in the country, to bring you the Petron – BPI Mastercard.

Gas up at any participating Petron station to get 3% fuel rebate. New principal cardholders will get P200 worth of free Petron fuel. All this come with a free first-year annual membership fee, so you’re free to go as far as you can with your Petron – BPI Mastercard.

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Best credit cards for promotions

Promotions are one of the banks’ main drivers to get more credit card applicants.

Can you imagine owning a credit card with no promos at all? It does its job, sure, but without the perks, it just doesn’t sound like it’s really worth keeping at all. This is why it’s a fact that most credit cards have all these other specific promos and features, which targets a specific lifestyle and ultimately, makes it more appealing to the market.

If you specifically want a card that’s always loaded with promos, take a look at these ten best promotions credit card in the Philippines and see which one works best for you.

1. Security Bank Mastercard Classic

Secuirty Bank Classic Mastercard

All of the biggest promos for Security Bank Mastercard Classic cardholders are found with this card, from air miles, the latest gadgets, shopping and dining deals.

Earn more rewards with the lowest P20 to one-point conversion, which can be converted to big things like flying for free.

Of course, Security Bank also delivers other good stuff, such as easy Balance Transfer rates, zero monthly installments of up to 12 months, and the freedom to set your own limit for online shopping.

2. Citi Rewards Card

Citi Rewards Visa

As the name suggests and loyal Citi Rewards Cardholders have experienced, the Citi Rewards Card falls under the best credit cards list because of its undeniably rewarding promotions.

You get all the unlimited rewards and promos, without having to pay for an Annual Membership Fee. The rewards point conversion is P30 to one, with three times more rewards on shopping boutiques local and international, and department store purchases.

3. Metrobank Classic

Metrobank Classic Mastercard

The Metrobank Classic Card comes in two versions: Mastercard and Visa. Both versions have a rewards program where you can get one reward point for every P20 spent. You can redeem these reward points for gift certificates, fee waivers and rebates, and air miles with PAL, Cathay Pacific, as well as Singapore Airlines.

All this of course is packed along with Metrobank’s monthly promotions with partner establishments and other features like Bills2Pay, and a strong anti-fraud technology with its contactless chip card.

4, Citi Cash Back Card

Citi Cash Back Visa

As we covered earlier, the Citi Cash Back Card offers generous cash back rewards. But what makes it to the list of best promotions credit cards is its welcome gifts for those getting their new Citi credit card. Examples of previous welcome offers include air tickets and gift passes. Make sure to check out what the welcome gift is when applying for this card.

Citi also gives out the widest, freshest rewards from shopping, dining, and travel. They also have a good installment plan, Citi PayLite.

5. AUB Easy Mastercard

AUB Easy Mastercard

Get promotions, payment flexibility, and low-interest rates in one card. The AUB Easy Mastercard is very first-timer friendly, because they accept applicants with no credit card yet, and they make it easy to pay for credit card bills. Want to pay two times a month, and make it so the payment is well within your payday? That is all possible with AUB credit cards.

The AUB Easy Mastercard has P20 to one reward point conversion and the points are non-expiring. There is also no Annual Fee, ever, with this card.

6. EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard

Eastwest Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard

Dolce Vita – the ‘sweet life’ is what’s truly waiting for you with the international promos and privileges of the EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard. It brings a combination of shopping, dining, and travel and relaxation promos, along with premium-level perks.

Get the required minimum spend to get free pampering treats and collect P100 to one Charm rewards points conversion. This is all rolled together with EastWest Bank’s latest security installments such as 3D Security Authentication, and easy repayment terms.

7. RCBC Bankard Black Card Platinum

RCBC Bankard Platinum Mastercard

Promos and privileges for jet setters – this is what the RCBC Bankard Black Card Platinum is all about.

Get free access to Skyview Lounge at NAIA Terminal 3, free travel insurance of up to P1 million, and Free Purchase Protection of up to P50,000.

Add in up to five supplementary cardholders to make the most of free for life annual membership fee.

8. RCBC Bankard Classic Card

RCBC Bankard Classic Mastercard

We talked a little about this card in the section about rebate credit cards. As we mentioned, they have a flexible rewards program where you can choose what form your rewards will come in – one option is through cash rebates.

There are other ways you can redeem your rewards with this program, but let’s first get into how you can earn reward points. Basically, for every P36 spent using your card, or P125 at supermarkets, drugstores, or gas stations, you get a reward point.

One way to use your reward points is by choosing to be part of the RCBC Bankard AIRMILES Rewards program. Every 1 reward point you earn is then transformed into one Airmile which can then be converted to PAL Mabuhay Miles, Cebu Pacific GetGo Points, Asia Miles, or Air Asia BIG Points.

You can also use your reward points to get RCBC Bankard Rewards Vouchers which can be exchanged for gift certificates at partner establishments – like SM, Robinsons, and Rustan’s to name a few.

Finally, you can opt to convert your reward points into cash. You can have this deposited to your RCBC, credited as cash to your RCBC Bankard, to waive your annual fee, or as a manager’s check.

Aside from air miles, the RCBC Bankard Classic also has the following international travel perks: dual currency billing, free travel insurance of up to P1 million for international trips, free P500,000 accident, inconvenient, and medical insurance for local trips, and discounted access to the Skyview Lounge.

9. HSBC Red Mastercard

HSBC Red Mastercard

This credit card has a rewards points program that encourages you to use your card when traveling. The reward points you earn for using your HSBC Red Mastercard in the Philippines is one point for every P20 spent. Under the accelerated rewards program, however, you get 4 points for every P20 spent if you spent it on overseas purchases and transactions.

Points can be used to redeem shopping and lifestyle rewards, airmiles with Asia Miles, Kris Flyer, and Mabuhay Miles, or to pay for your annual fee.

This credit card is also part of HSBC’s Home&Away Privilege Program where you can get treats and discounts with over 27,000 partner establishments in over 160 countries and territories worldwide.

There’s also the fuel rebate of up to 6% on first Caltex purchase using the HSBC Red Mastercard, and 3% rebate for the whole year.

10. Metrobank Femme Signature

Metrobank Femme Visa

A credit card that’s made exclusively for women, the Metrobank Femme Signature is all it’s cut out to be, to cater to every independent woman’s lifestyle.

Its low conversion of P20 to one reward point lets you accumulate more exclusive, generous perks and privileges from Metrobank. There is also the Femme Perks which are discounts to for women-centered services at spas, hair salons, and accessory shops.

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The best rewards credit cards

Unlimited possibilities are within your reach if you choose one of these credit cards.

Listed below are the best rewards credit cards available today. There’s so much more to see and experience when it comes to shopping, dining, and travel and these credit cards will help you enjoy them.

1. HSBC Platinum Card

HSBC Platinum Visa

The contactless HSBC Platinum Visa Card boasts exclusive travel privileges and rewards worth four times the regular card.

We’ve already talked about how you can earn air miles with this card, so let’s focus on what other rewards you can get with the HSBC Platinum Visa Card.

This card is part of the Accelerated Rewards program of HSBC so if you use your card while traveling abroad or to shop online you get 4 reward points for every P20 spent.

You earn quite a lot of reward points with this card as every P20 spent when shopping or dining locally gets three points. You also get one point for every P20 spent on anything else.

2. Metrobank Femme Visa

Metrobank Femme Visa

As we previously mentioned, this card is designed especially for women. Exclusive perks include free gifts, discounts, and amazing deals with M Here partner establishments.

The reward program for this card is one point for every P20 spent. Points can be exchanged for gift certificates, fee waivers and rebates, air miles, and even charity donations.

3. Citi Rewards Card

Citi Rewards Visa

One reason why this card makes the list of best reward cards is the fact that any Citi reward points you earn with it will never expire.

The point earning system for the Citi Rewards card is simple, one point for every P30 spent, with no cap on the points that you earn. If however, you use the card for shopping or dining, you get 3 times the points. You can use these points to redeem merchandise, free flights, and accommodation.

4. AUB Classic Mastercard

AUB Classic Mastercard

With the AUB Classic Mastercard you can earn 1 reward point for every P30 spent. These reward points do not expire and they can be used to redeem cash rebates, electronic gift certificates, travel vouchers and airline miles.

AUB has tied up with Cebu Pacific’s GetGo program so you can redeem one GetGo point for seven AUB reward points. They also have a tie-up with AirAsia’s BIG Loyalty program so you can get 1 BIG point for 5 AUB Reward point.

5. EastWest Bank Visa/Mastercard Classic

Eastwest Platinum Visa and Mastercard

Using these cards allows you to earn one reward point for every P100 spent. While that may be a bit more of a spend needed then some of the other cards in this list, EastWest makes up for it with the variety of items that can be redeemed with these points.

Accumulate points to redeem Limitless Rewards Vouchers which can be used to buy stuff at partner merchants or exchanged for gift certificates. Other things that you can redeem with your reward points from these credits cards are PAL Mabuhay Miles, Cebu Pacific GetGo rewards, AirAsia Big Loyalty points, Caritas Manila donations, and ERDA donations. Cash rebates and annual fee waivers are also available.

6. RCBC Bankard Visa Infinite Card

RCBC Bankard Infinite Visa

With your RCBC Bankard Visa Infinite Card, you earn one reward point for every P36 spent. They have an extensive rewards program that features not only the usual air miles, shopping vouchers, donations, and cash rebates, but also cash credit to your RCBC Bankard credit card, Manager’s Check, and cash deposit to your RCBC or RCBC Savings Bank account.

7. PNB Essentials Mastercard

PNB Classic Essentials Mastercard

Your PNB Essentials Mastercard lets you earn 1 reward point for every P50 spent. These reward points can then be converted into either cash credits or Mabuhay Miles.

If you choose to redeem your reward points via cash credits, this is the conversion rate: 4 reward points = P1. If, however, you choose to turn your reward points into Mabuhay Miles, the conversion rate is: 1 reward point = 1 Mabuhay Mile. Redemptions can be processed in blocks of 500 points for your convenience.

8. Security Bank Mastercard Gold

Security Bank Gold Mastercard

This shopping credit card not only offers a higher credit limit, but also a rewards catalog that caters to a lifestyle that prioritizes dining, shopping, travel, and charity.

For every P20 points spent, you earn a non-expiring reward point. You also get offered special rewards from time to time such as exclusive Mastercard promos and discounts.

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Travel Credit Cards

Your ultimate travel buddy might just be in one of these best travel credit cards in the Philippines. Previously, we focused on cards that earned air miles, but these travel credit cards – some do offer air miles – but they also offer so much more.

Find one with the best payment terms, so you fly and get to places with more ease and convenience than you’ve ever had before.

1. Maybank Visa Platinum

Maybank Platinum Mastercard

Live like a local when you travel overseas with a Maybank Visa Platinum credit card, accepted globally in more than 20 million locations.

Enjoy low conversion fees and hundreds of discounts and privileges at partner merchants. You also get a 1% rebate on overseas purchases.

Maybank is tied up with Singapore Airlines and Asia Miles so your credit card use can earn you a Krisflyer Mile or an Asia Mile. The conversion is: P50 spent = 1 Asia Mile or Krisflyer Mile.

2. Metrobank Travel Platinum Card

Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa

Metrobank introduces the Travel Platinum Card as their “first complete travel card,” and it’s easy to understand why; the card grants not only reward points for air miles and hotels, but also a Priority Pass membership for unlimited lounge access across the world (950 airport lounges) and free travel insurance with coverage of up to Php 5 million.

3. PNB The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard

PNB Travel Club Platinum Mastercard

As we mentioned earlier, the Travel Club Platinum Master card allows you to earn reward points that can be used to redeem air miles. But there are other reasons that this card is a great travel credit card.

This credit card is accepted in shops in more than 200 countries around the world. What’s more, it offers dual currency billing making it very convenient to use while traveling.

4. Metrobank Gold Card

Metrobank Gold Mastercard

With your Metrobank Gold Card, you can accumulate reward points to exchange for premium items or air miles from Cathay Pacific Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Philippine Airlines. Earn 1 point for every Php20 spent.

4. Citi PremierMiles Card

Citi Premir Miles Visa

We really need to emphasize that with this card you get air miles that can be used with 60 different airlines. Aside from that, what makes this a great travel card is a reward program geared to making travel more accessible.

For every P30 spent using this card, you can earn one mile, but this mile isn’t just redeemable with airlines. You can also use it as a loyalty point that can help you book stays in around 8,000 hotels worldwide with the Citi ThankYou Rewards program. Miles can also be used to pay for cruises and car rentals.

Enjoy VIP lounge access locally and overseas with your free DragonPass Membership that comes with two complimentary visits per membership year. You also get up to Php 1 million travel insurance coverage when you charge your travel tickets to your card. Furthermore, the card features free 30-day purchase protection in case of accidental loss.

The card is accepted in 29 million establishments in over 150 countries, and, as a PremierMiles car holder, you’re entitled to discounts and freebies at over 5,000 establishments around the globe. You might even find yourself being offered an upgrade.

5. EastWest Platinum Mastercard

Eastwest Platinum Mastercard

Explore the world safely and without worry with your EastWest Platinum Mastercard, which offers free comprehensive travel accident and inconvenience insurance, with coverage of up to Php20 million. All you need to do is buy travel tickets using your card.

You and your guests also get to relax in comfort and privacy whenever you travel abroad with the Free Priority Pass Membership for VIP access at over 1200 airport lounges around the world, regardless of the airline or ticket class you choose. If that’s not enough, 24/7 worldwide concierge services are at your fingertips as well, including shopping or dining assistance, and medical care or emergency services.

6. RCBC Bankard Gold Card

RCBC Bankard Gold Visa

Discover amazing international travel privileges with your RCBC Bankard Gold Card. Charge your travel-related purchases and spending to your card, and avail yourself of benefits including free travel insurance and purchase protection, access to Skyview Lounge (for a fee, but it can be waived), and 0% installment when you buy merchandise overseas.

7. HSBC Platinum Visa

HSBC Platinum Visa

Enjoy exclusive privileges in more than 27,000 establishments worldwide. The card also comes with free travel accident insurance plus travel inconvenience coverage. You’ll also get an annual fee waiver for your first year of use.

8. Security Bank Mastercard Platinum

Security Bank Platinum Mastercard

Buy airfare tickets using your Security Bank Mastercard Platinum to avail yourself of free travel insurance worth up to Php 5 million.

The Security Bank MasterCard Platinum is accepted at more than 35.9 million partner merchants worldwide. It also allows for dual currency billing and has non-expiring rewards points. Perfect for travel-related shopping.

9. Bank of Commerce Mastercard Platinum

Bank of Commerce Platinum Mastercard

Another travel best friend to add to your choices is the Bank of Commerce Mastercard Platinum. It has up to P2 million in Travel Insurance and Inconvenience Benefits. All you need to do to avail of the travel insurance is to charge your airfare using your Bank of Commerce Mastercard Platinum.

10. PNB Visa Classic

PNB Classic Visa

The Philippine National Bank came through with the PNB Visa Classic, a complete travel-savvy credit card with easy payment options and free insurance plans. Convert your credit to cash for up to 30% of your credit limit and pay with low-interest rates at an installment.

All transactions abroad are paid in Philippine Pesos, so you won’t have to worry about paying hefty currency conversion fees. There’s also the balance transfer feature, which makes it easier for you to consolidate card debt and the free travel insurance of up to P1 million when you book roundtrip tickets with your PNB Visa Card.