Top 4 Smartphone Apps To Help You Budget Wisely

In this day and age, you can get a smartphone without shelling out too much. While most of us use our smartphones to take selfies, play games, and other activities, little did we know there are smartphone apps that can help us become better in budgeting. To fully take advantage of our smartphones, we listed some of the top-rated finance and budget apps that will make you a master financier in no time.

1. MoneyWise (Free/PhP 295 for MoneyWise Pro)
There are tons of budget tracker apps on the market, but all of them fall short of features present in MoneyWise: fast, intuitive, and more importantly, free. Combining features such as easy-to-understand interface, powerful calculation and management, and lightweight payload, MoneyWise is perfect for those who want to take control of their finances. Aside from giving you the convenience to edit and view your budget on the fly, MoneyWise also allows you to make copies of your financial health with a touch of a button. You can also export all your data as HTML or CSV files and store them to your smartphone’s SD card or Dropbox. The pro version removes all ads and allows you to create as many accounts as you can.

2 Tricount (Free)
When going out with friends for a meal, do you think you’re always at the losing side come splitting the bill? With Tricount, you do not have to worry about divvying up expenses with your friends since the app will take care of it. Just simply key in your expenses for a certain event, add the number of people involved, and you will have the exact calculations for each person. Tricount also allows users to add multiple items to a single event for easier tracking of expenses. Also, you can easily share your calculations to your friends since Tricount uploads the calculations to their servers.

3. Check (Free)
Are you appalled that your bills will always catch you by surprise? Then worry no more because Check is a powerful bills tracking and payment app designed to make automated payments so you won’t have to. By consolidating your credit cards, savings account, and multiple bills, Check will just simply keep track the due date of your bills and pay them on time. Furthermore, Check also monitors your savings account and credit cards to make sure that you will not exceed your credit limit when paying bills. Cashless, paperless, and effortless, you won’t have to worry about bills again with Check.

4. Savings Made Simple (Free)
Make your savings target more feasible with Out of the Park App’s Savings Made Simple. With this nifty little app, you can set as many goals as possible and see the progress as you go along the way. One advantage of Savings Made Simple over other apps is that it doesn’t use any sensitive information like bank accounts, names, and other personal information. Since there are no connected accounts to the app, you have to manually save the money and just be honest with yourself. Simple in both interface and function, Savings Made Easy is definitely a good download.

Technology is here to make our lives more efficient and our tasks easier. By using money-saving apps to manage your budget and track your expenses, you are turning your smartphone to become the ultimate savings tool.