These Tweets Show How Painful Driving In Manila Can Be

Being a motorist in our beloved motherland absolutely gives us the feels every single day. And by feels, we’re talking feeling sweaty, feeling aggravated, feeling angry, and feeling dead tired. Yes, we’ve already established how Manila was dubbed the worst place to drive – and the data of Waze just proves it.

Narrow roads, vehicle volume, and traffic violators are only few of the countless causes of traffic. “Part of the problem is that people are so impatient and people don’t follow rules,” Ma. Sheilah Napalang, director of the National Center for Transportation Studies,  says.

Rush hour or not, the city roads are a stressful ride or drive. Drivers know by heart that there’s surefire traffic in C-5, EDSA, Roxas Boulevard, and Osmeña Highway, to name a few. Even taking the Skyway won’t be an assurance that you’ll make it to your meetings on time, despite paying a hefty price. Wide roads like Commonwealth, on the other hand, require motorists to be extremely guarded against possible road accidents.

Solutions to these driving woes won’t happen overnight, so in the meantime, commiseration and a sense of humor are key: Allow us to share gems of relatable Twitter rants from fellow agitated netizens, which are solid proof that driving is hellish and the roads in Manila are stressful.

These Tweets Show How Painful Driving In Manila Can Be

For starters, did you know that we are qualified for a Guinness Record?

The good ones are outnumbered because the road is perpetually “dark and full of terrors.”

This unspoken reason about entitlement can congest roads too. Who would have thought?

Don’t forget to add the special treatment for the special plated vehicles.

When the feelings mix up, the rage builds up. #BeastMode.

Describe your thoughts on PH traffic in one word: Chop Suey.

Foot bridges are so 1980s, apparently to some.

On living ride or die. Read in your mom’s voice:

Even though you want to stay funky fresh and veer from stress…

The curious case of interminable road constructions is still a mystery to us.

And the timing is always right–to bring inconvenience to your day.

The ripple effect just progresses.

Filipinos should probably learn how to drive a boat these days too.

In other news, everything’s well-managed thanks to our enthusiastic traffic enforcers.

Our well-compensated cops are working EXTRA–for some extra cash.

Some are literally making the road their personal parking lot – because they are taxpayers.

Just like this very considerate neighbor.

If Vin Diesel had a driving inspiration, we bet it’s our very own jeepney drivers.

In a nutshell: