Take A Look At The Best And The Most Outrageous Condo Amenities In The Philippines

Every year, we see new condominium developments rising from barren lots in the metro, and the competition is becoming stiffer than before.

With new condos popping up in almost every square inch of the cities, it’s no longer enough for developers to just offer buyers their own space. Sometimes, amenities can make or break properties—and real estate companies are, of course, more than happy to offer the best of the best to potential buyers.

Since amenities are just added features to draw buyers into getting units, they’re just as important as the units themselves. We teamed up with online property portal Zipmatch to have a closer look at some of the most common condo features as well as the craziest ones that will make you aspire to live the life of luxury high above the clouds.

Most wanted

When people think of condominiums, the first thing that comes to their minds is convenience. However, people want more than just easy city living.

Pools, recreation areas, R&R areas—buyers have proven that they are willing to shell out some serious dough if they will get more than what they deserve. For developers, this means amenities that will dazzle people into getting a unit.

According to Zipmatch, developers include amenities in their properties based on the market demands. The top 20 amenities in condos in the Philippines are the following:

Rank Amenity Percentage of projects with these amenities
1 24-hour security 98%
2 Swimming pool, kiddie pool, lap pool 71%
3 Playground 53%
4 Gym 46%
5 Function rooms 41%
6 Basketball court 25%
7 Jogging path 17%
8 Clubhouse 17%
9 Retail area 15%
10 Game room 14%
11 Garden 8%
12 Day care 6%
13 Tennis court 6%
14 Sauna 3%
15 Spa 3%
16 Badminton court 3%
17 Social hall 2%
18 Jacuzzi 2%
19 Residents’ lounge 2%
20 Business center 2%

You may think that these features are now pretty common nowadays, given the number of projects rising left and right. If you want more sophisticated amenities in the most luxurious condos in the country, better buckle up.

Living large

For the uber elite condo, it’s not just enough to have a pool if you’re paying for a premium condo unit. To attract the top-tier clientele into getting a condo unit, developers must take their amenities several notches higher and make them more luxurious than the usual counterparts.

If you are a condo buyer looking for amenities more valuable than gold, Zipmatch has rounded up the craziest and most exotic condo features in town:

Amenity Where to find them
Butler service Raffles Residences
In-house spas Gramercy Residences, Raffles Residences, Knightsbridge Residences, One Serendra
Day care centers Sonata Private Residences, Bellagio Towers, Gramercy Residences
Clinics The Beacon
Exclusive privileges Rockwell Center condos
Bridgeway lounge Sonata Private Residences
Sky lounge Knightsbridge Residences
Infinity pool Gramercy Residences, The Salcedo Park, Serenity Suites, The Bellagio Tower
Rooftop pool Number One Rockwell, Fairways Tower
Resort-like pool One Roxas Triangle, One Serendra, Two Serendra, Pacific Plaza Tower
Luxury pool Knightsbridge Residences, The St. Francis Shangri-La Place
Private theater Gramercy Residences, Sonata Private Residences, The Beacon, Knightsbridge Residences
Game room Sonata Private Residences, Knightsbridge Residences, Gramercy Residences
Music room Sonata Private Residences
Library and study rooms Sonata Private Residences, Knightsbridge Residences
Chapel Pacific Plaza Towers
Helipad 1322 Golden Empire Tower, Fort Victoria Condominium, Fairways Tower, Essensa East Forbes, Pacific Plaza Towers
Squash court Pacific Plaza Towers
Exclusive mall connections Rockwell Center condos, Rafles Residences, St. Francis Shangri-La Place
Exclusive dining areas Gramercy Residences, Knightsbridge Residences, One Serendra, The Beacon

Deal makers, deal breakers

If real estate developers are willing to go the extra mile—how do 24k white gold tiles in their swimming pools a la Knightsbridge Residences sound?—then how important amenities exactly are for them?

According to Kyle Wiltshire, Chief Technology Officer at Zipmatch, buyers are savvy enough to not just look at the price point but also the features that come with their units. This is most especially evident on entry-level buyers, who want the most out of their hard-earned cash.

“Amenities certainly help to sell projects to more budget-conscious buyers,” says Wiltshire. “If you look at SMDC’s recent projects, you’ll see a lot of focus on the pool, gym, common areas etc. These amenities can help the project seem more like a community, and are often a big selling point when the units are small.”

“Having amenities like a daycare, basketball court, or playground can make a huge difference for those with kids. Same goes for young professionals having a gym or nice pool in the building.”

Wiltshire also said that two new trends condo hunters should watch out for nowadays are eco-friendly units. According to him, developers take very serious green certification nowadays, with them making projects that “have less carbon footprint and save on utility costs.”

Meanwhile, the rise of new townships, which are “cities essentially that blend residential, commercial and retail” are also the new in—and this is highly attractive to potential buyers who want to become the poster boys of the “work-play-live” lifestyle.

“They are great for professionals who want to live walking distance from work. Many hours a week saved, no car or parking needed,” Wiltshire said.