Five Offbeat Ways College Students Can Save Money This Back-To-School Season

School season starts soon, and most likely, people are already looking for the best deals out there. Whether they’re cheap notebooks sturdy but affordable school bags, or pencils by the bulk, a lot of people are looking the most common ways to save money. However, what people do not realize is that there is a whole new level for them to save money–and it’s more than just skimping on some school essentials. How else can you save money this coming school season?

Pack lunch

With a plethora of dining options near colleges and universities, who needs to bring packed lunch with him at school? While some students may prefer eating with friends at restaurants and other dining joints, some people would still rather enjoy the goodness of home-cooked meals even if they’re away from home. Aside from ensuring the quality of your food, you can also save a lot from bringing your food instead of buying meals outside.

Be on the dot at all times

Tardiness will not just give your professors a bad image of you–or in worse cases, absences due to numerous lateness. However, the biggest non-academic repercussion of consistently coming in late is the blow to your budget, especially if you start to resort to faster, more convenient transportation options like taxi or shuttle service. Also, staying later than your dismissal will also force your hand to pay for your food and other things. Remember, come on time, leave on time, and you will have no window for extra expenses.

Avoid luxuries for now

Since college is basically a sandbox where all the kids can do almost whatever they want. A lot of people will try life’s simplest pleasures: parties all night, coffee breaks every day, shopping, and other things not possible when they’re high school. Unfortunately, your meager allowance is not enough to allow you to live such lifestyle. Until you are earning your own money, you might want avoid these unnecessary expenses first.

Borrow books if you can

Books are important to college students, and having access to books can give you a tremendous advantage over your coursework. However, we have to admit that books are ridiculously expensive, and finding the best books is hard. To maximize your tuition, make sure to exploit the library to your heart’s content. Borrow the books you need, scan portions if you have to, and avoid returning them beyond their due date to avoid penalties. Remember, libraries exist, and they’re at your disposal.

Maximize student discounts

If there is one thing lovely about being students, it’s those nifty student discounts. This aid exists to alleviate a certain part of the financial burden experienced by students and to help parents by extension. Remember, if there are student discounts available–and we’re not just talking about fare discounts–you might as well want to take advantage of it. Just make sure to keep your ID with you at all times so you can easily take advantage of student discounts.

College is more than just learning new stuff and getting good grades; it’s all about survival and preparing you for what’s out there. If you can use your stint in college as a way to make you financially savvier, then you don’t have to worry about being wise when it comes to handling money in the future.