Should You Preorder The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Or Galaxy Z-Flip?

The latest Samsung phones are coming in hot! You can now pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series and Galaxy Z-Flip via both Smart and Globe telecoms.

These are exclusive offers, as according to the technology news website Yugatech, the Samsung S20 Series will only be available in the country on March 6, 2020.

To avail, you’ll just need to pay the following down payments and monthly installments to your chosen telecoms provider.

How to get one using the Smart Signature plan

Unit One-time cash out Monthly payment (24 months)
Galaxy S20 P9,700 P2,699
Galaxy S20+ P9,900 P2,899
Galaxy S20 Ultra P15,020 P3,199
Galaxy Z Flip P15,310 P3,499

All these are under Smart’s Signature Plan L, a 24-month contract that gives you 15GB of data, unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited on-net calls, and 150 minutes of calls to all networks.

You can get the Galaxy S20 series preordered until February 25 while the Galaxy Z-Flip preorder is available until February 20, 2020.

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How to get one with Globe’s ThePLAN

Globe on the other hand offers you a chance to get the newest Samsung phone under their thePLAN and ThePLATINUM Plan postpaid offers.

Galaxy 20

Monthly payment plan One-time cash out
ThePLAN 599 P36,000
ThePLAN 799 P34,000
ThePLAN 999 P32,400
ThePLAN 1299 P30,000
ThePLAN 1499 P26,400
ThePLAN 1799 P25,200
ThePLAN 1999 P22,800
ThePLAN 2499 P18,000
ThePLATINUM Plan 3799 P4,800
ThePLATINUM Plan 4999 No cash out
ThePLATINUM Plan 7999 No cash out

Galaxy S20+

Monthly payment plan One-time cash out
ThePLAN 599 P40,800
ThePLAN 799 P39,600
ThePLAN 999 P37,200
ThePLAN 1299 P34,800
ThePLAN 1499 P31,200
ThePLAN 1799 P30,000
ThePLAN 1999 P27,600
ThePLAN 2499 P22,800
ThePLAN 2990 P22,800
ThePLATINUM Plan 3799 P9,600
ThePLATINUM Plan 4999 P4,800
P4,800 No cash out

Samsung S20 Ultra

Monthly payment plan One-time cash out
ThePLAN 599 P52,800
ThePLAN 799 P51,600
ThePLAN 999 P49,200
ThePLAN 1299 P46,800
ThePLAN 1499 P43,200
ThePLAN 1799 P42,000
ThePLAN 1999 P39,600
ThePLAN 2499 P34,800
ThePLAN 2999 P34,800
ThePLATINUM Plan 3799 P21,600
ThePLATINUM Plan 4999 P16,800
ThePLATINUM Plan 7999 No cash out

Globe is also offering the Galaxy Z-Flip for preorder with the following plans and the following cash outs.

Monthly payment plan One-time cash out
ThePLAN 599 P60,000
ThePLAN 799 P58,800
ThePLAN 999 P56,400
ThePLAN 1299 P54,000
ThePLAN 1499 P50,400
ThePLAN 1799 P49,200
ThePLAN 1999 P46,800
ThePLAN 2499 P42,000
ThePLAN 2999 P42,000
ThePLATINUM Plan 3799 P28,800
ThePLATINUM Plan 4999 P24,000
ThePLATINUM Plan 7999 P3,600

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What are the specs of the Galaxy S20 series?

Every year, we see and hear more innovations in smartphone technology. There are mind-blowingly good ones, but most of them are just… the usual updates. As for the Samsung S20 Series, here are the most outstanding specs we can look forward to.

1. A bigger screen

Gaming or Netflix on the go? Check these out!

  • S20 – 6.2-inch
  • S20+ – 6.7-inch
  • S20 Ultra – 6.9-inch
  • Galaxy Z Flip – 6.7-inch

2. Cameras

S20 Ultra’s camera is said to be the most advanced in this series release.

  • S20 — Main camera: 12 MP ultrawide lens super steady video, 64MP phase-detect auto focus (PDAF) lens with 3x hybrid optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), and 12 MP dual pixel PDAF with OIS. Front camera: 10 MP wide lens, with dual pixel PDAF
  • S20+ — Main camera: 12 MP ultrawide lens and super steady video, 64MP with 3x hybrid optical zoom, and 12 MP wide dual pixel phase-detect auto focus (PDAF) lens. Front camera: 10 MP, 26mm wide dual pixel lens
  • S20 Ultra — Main camera: 12 MP ultrawide Lens, 108 MP wide Lens, 48 MP telephoto lens and ToF Quad Camera with 10x hybrid optical zoom. Front camera: 40 MP 26mm wide dual pixel PDAF lens
  • Galaxy Z-Flip — Main camera: 12 MP 1 ultrawide lens, and 12 MP dual pixel PDAF, OIS lens. Front camera: 10 MP wide lens, with PDAF

3. Memory

Badly need an upgrade? The S20 series packs an even bigger space for you.

  • S20 — MicroSDXC shared SIM slot, and up to 128GB of internal storage, and 8GB RAM
  • S20+ — MicroSDXC shared SIM slot, and up to 128GB of internal storage, and 8GB RAM
  • S20 Ultra — MicroSDXC shared SIM slot, and goes up to 512GB of internal storage 16GB RAM
  • Galaxy Z Flip — No card slot, but internal memory is up to 256GB, with 8GB or RAM

4. Flip phone technology

We’re talking about the Galaxy Z-Flip here, Samsung has taken this piece of design technology and improved on it.

5. Samsung Concierge

A new after-sales service called the Samsung Concierge will now be available. Get any of the S20 Series or the Galaxy Z-Flip, and take advantage of the dedicated hotline, remote assistance, and other exclusive, value-added services with your new phone.

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How much is it, really?

If you want to wait until March 2020 to afford any Samsung Galaxy S20 phone, you can actually pay for the full price. Take your pick!

Unit Market Price
Galaxy S20 P49,990
Galaxy S20+ P55,990
Galaxy S20 Ultra P69,990
Galaxy Z Flip P79,990

But let’s be real: will this be a #WiserWealthier choice for you? Like every financial decision, you need to know how much this will take from your monthly income and work hours.

We looked at the average hourly rates of the most common jobs in Metro Manila via PayScale, and checked the work hours you need to put in to actually afford the Galaxy Z Flip. You can do the math for yourself too and see if it’s really worth the long hours, or if it’s just peanuts for you.

  • Bank teller (average hourly rate of P97.79) – 817.97 hours
  • Registered nurse (average hourly rate of P79.33) – 1,008 hours
  • Customer service representative (average hourly rate of P90.62) – 882.69 hours
  • Graphic designer (average hourly rate of P138.17) – 578.92 hours
  • Office administrator (average hourly rate of P65.42) – 1,222.71 hours
  • Network administrator (average hourly rate of P140.79) – 568.15 hours
  • Human resource manager (average hourly rate of P124.35) – 643.26 hours
  • Team leader, IT (average hourly rate of P432) – 185.16 hours
  • Corporate counsel (average hourly rate of P718.75) – 111.30 hours
  • Executive director (average hourly rate of P688.54) – 116.17 hours

Sources: The Philippine Star, GSM Arena