Start Every Day Right With These Nifty Tricks

We’ve found the secret to un-hating mornings.

The hardest part of any journey is taking the first step. This old adage holds true every day. Kick-starting mornings is challenging especially if you have tons of tasks waiting to get accomplished.

It’s but human to hit the snooze button and crave more slumber hours. But soaking more hours under your blanket and jammies does have its consequences: you’re bound to miss the shuttle to work. Running late and being stuck in the morning rush can make you feel stressed out further. More sleep in the morning could mean less sleep at night, and in the days to follow.

So how do you beat lethargic mornings and manage the daily grind? Here are some ingredients to add in your morning habit to lift up your spirit.

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1. Fifteen more minutes

Nope, not pressing the snooze button three times, but getting up 15 minutes earlier than usual. This will give you enough time to take things in stride (i.e., rolling in your bed) so you won’t have to rush breakfast and shower time. Doing so lessens the pressure, making you mentally relaxed and focused. Take time to meditate, clear your head, and maybe do some stretching.

2. Tune up

Instead of turning on your television set or reading the newspaper, spend a couple of minutes listening to feel-good tunes. TV and newspaper are often bearers of bad news, and you don’t want to fill your morning with negativity. A playlist of your choice—be it upbeat or relaxing—will awaken your spirit, help you compose your thoughts, and trigger good vibrations.

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3. Water’s fine

Feeling lethargic and demotivated? You’re probably dehydrated. That’s why pumping your system with water is highly effective. Chugging eight to sixteen ounces of water a day can fuel up your brain. Also, hitting the shower can wake up your senses and improve your mood. Facing the day feeling fresh is also a major confidence booster.

4. Don’t skip breakfast

Nothing keeps a person more energized than eating a hearty, balanced breakfast. Take time to sit down and enjoy a meal to nourish your body with all the energy it needs. Breakfast serves as your body’s fuel for the rest of the day, and doing so reduces fatigue and improves concentration. Load some good amount of protein and carbs on your diet before taking on the day’s activities.

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5. Get everything in place

Cap your evening with a ritual of next-day prep so you can sleep free from worries. Make a to-do list, set your alarm, pack your lunch, and prepare what you’ll wear for the next day before hitting the sack. This will lessen the hustle and bustle you go through each morning. Aside from its stress-busting effect, reducing your decision-making to none is a big time-saver.

6. Warm up

Exercising helps your body produce endorphins to keep you alert throughout the day. Doing it in the morning gives you a stronger body and better immunity in the long run. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming: ten to fifteen minutes of squats, lunges, push-ups, and stretching is enough to power you up.

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7. Swallow a pill

It’s a challenge to get proper and complete nutrients from the food that you eat. Taking multivitamins, minerals, and other supplements can aid in keeping you alert and releasing the energy you need.

8. Sleep naturally

You won’t have a hard time waking up in the morning if you’ve had sufficient hours of sleep. Steer clear of all the distractions at night, such as bright TV and smartphone screens, so your body can naturally retire with ease. On another note, sleeping too much can also leave you feeling lethargic. You don’t want to end your day accomplishing nothing just because you overslept. –Diana Lyn Balbalosa