How Many Work Hours Is An iPhone X Worth?

This year is a milestone for Apple’s renowned smartphones. After a decade of dominating the market, the Cupertino-based company is celebrating by releasing two different phones under the iPhone brand.

The first one is the iPhone 8 and it seems like your usual continuation of previous iPhone models and in our opinion, you can do without it. However, the second one is the iPhone X and that seems to be in an entirely new league. Although it is almost identical under the hood to the iPhone 8, the 10th anniversary iPhone notably has an absent home button and a screen that extends from end to end.

Currently, the iPhone X is yet to arrive in the Philippines through official distributors, but grey market vendors have already opened their pre-order programs for the new phone. Two unofficial sellers are hawking the upcoming iPhone X 32GB at P69,000 and P75,000.

How badly do you want the iPhone X? How hard are you willing to work for it? Well, we did the math and computed just how many work hours you would have to render to get your hands on this sweet, sweet smartphone.

How we did the math

Whether you like it or not, Filipino Apple fans are currently at the mercy of gray market sellers. Despite the price of the iPhone X coming to only a little above P50,000 in the United States, the lowest price being offered is P69,000. For our computations, we used the current highest price of the iPhone X on the gray market, P75,000

To compute the amount a certain profession earns per work-hour, we compiled data from different sources like the Philippine Statistics Authority and PayScale and divided them accordingly. For the information on the daily rates, we divided the amount by eight hours. Meanwhile, data using monthly salaries are divided by 20 days and the answer further divided by eight hours (or just divided by 160 since an average work-month has 160 days).

Once we’ve already figured out the hourly rate of each job, we’ll use the following numbers to divide P75,000 and figure out how many work hours people must render to earn enough money for the iPhone X. Keep in mind that these figures are not exact since we’re just looking at the gross hourly rate. Factors like taxes and other deductibles are not considered in the article.

It’s “hours” for the taking

If your job is one of the following listed below, you need to spend the following work-hours for a shot at the new iPhone X. That is if there are still units available by the time you’ve saved up for it:

1. Bank teller: 852.75 hours
2. Registered nurse: 817.50 hours
3. Call center agent: 696.17 hours
4. Graphic designer: 653.76 hours
5. Office administrator: 652.52 hours
6. Network administrator: 450.23 hours
7. Human resource manager: 297.33 hours
8. Team leader, IT: 225.94 hours
9. Corporate lawyer: 174.29 hours
10.  Executive director: 70.59 hours

Oh, and if by chance you are the president of the Philippines, it will take you 100 hours of work to earn an iPhone X.

Sources: The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rappler, The Department of Labor and Employment, PayScale, Yugatech