5 Nifty Gadgets That Keep Dengue Mosquitos Away

The rainy season is just about to end. With the northeastern trade winds about to enter the country, this means cooler and drier seasons for the next few months. However, the threat of rainfall is still here and with it, the specter of dengue.

If our conventional weapons against dengue, such as insect repellents and mosquito coils prove to be inefficient, what can we turn to? Why, gadgets of course.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some of the more “high-tech” ways to shoo mosquitos away. Check out these gadgets that could keep the mosquitos that transmit the dengue virus away from you and your family.

1. Leetec LT-12 Mosquito Killer

A good old-fashioned mosquito zapper is still as effective as before, and gadgets like the Leetec LT-12 are a great way to keep a room free of mosquitoes. Using two 6W UV light tubes, the device projects an ultraviolet light that mimics body heat and leads the insects to their swift electrocution via 2,100-V. If you’re not squeamish and don’t mind bits of insects the morning after, this zapper is for you.

2. Thermacell Mosquito Repeller Trailblazer Camp Lantern

If you’re one of the #travelgoals people and like to hike or swim for days in the wild, carry a Thermacell outdoor lamp with you. Not only does it serve as a lantern, it also comes with cartridges that create a 60-square meter mosquito-free zone where you can enjoy selfies and groupfies without worrying about dengue.

3. Union Defender Anti-Mosquito Desk Fan

This electric fan has a built-in, anti-mosquito mat heater placed at its base. With a flick of a switch, the grill will heat up the mat and the wind that blows from the fan will keep you cool and drive mosquitos away.

4. 2-in-1 Bug Zapper LED Bulb

This small yet effective bug zapper will protect your home from dengue-carrying mosquitoes and other insects. With three modes (light mode, zapper mode, and light and zapper mode), these LED bulbs are the ideal mosquito repellant method to try if you’re living in a small space.

5. Sharp FP-G50E-W Air Purifier

Sharp’s top-of-the-line 40-square meter air purifier features high-density plasma cluster ion and fan air purification. It also has what Sharp calls a five-step mosquito catcher that is supposed to attract flying pests into a container where they are trapped and kept from biting you and your family.

Keep in mind that, one of the best preventive methods is still to destroying their breeding grounds and, to ensure your family gets the best care in case of dengue, it’s probably prudent to get dengue insurance.