Do You Practice The 5 Ds of Success?

“Success is not an accident; it is a choice,” Stephen Curry once said. If we are going to follow this adage, it will lead to the conclusion that success lies within our hands.

Whatever the circumstances you’re under now, you can be successful if you choose to. It’s all just a matter of making the right choices. Below are the five Ds of success.

1. Develop a habit of saying “no.” “No” is the language of a truly brave person. You say no to two things:

a. Say no to any temptation to do sins. Giving in to temptation will consume your energy, time and money thereby leaving you enervated and accomplishing.

b. Say no to unnecessary activities. Everybody can be busy, but not everybody can accomplish something. We may be working for eight hours but may end up not finishing the task. To ensure success, say not to any activity that will hinder you from achieving your goals for the day.

2. Decide for yourself.

If you won’t decide for your own future, somebody else will. In order to succeed, practice the skill of making a decision. Start by deciding on what you want to achieve in one or two years’ time. Decide when you’re going to enroll for your graduate studies, or what other skills you want to develop. These matters require personal decision coming from you, not from anybody else.

3. Deliver outputs. No output, no success.

If you want to be successful, you have to produce something. A salesman should produce sales, a teacher should make students learn, an engineer must have the skill to build buildings, a doctor must heal a sick person, an IT programmer must create a system, and so on. What are you supposed to produce? Success will not happen if you don’t deliver.

4. Defeat your enemies.

Are there people opposing your dreams? Defeat them by proving them wrong. Are there things that block your way? Step on them and walk into your dreams.

There was once a great runner who joined a prominent race. But all of a sudden, in the middle of the battle , he stopped and quit. The following day, a reporter asked him, “Why did you give up? Are you sick? Are you in pain? Or are you tired? He answered, “No. I was not sick, I was not in pain, I was not tired. The reason why I give up is because of the ‘small stone’ in my shoes that bothered me a lot.” Yes, even the small things can stop you from hitting it big.

5. Direct your thoughts.

The prerequisite of this is to identify your goal. Then start directing all your thoughts and action to the realization of that goal. A thought is just an activity that will not contribute to your success unless you apply it and relate it to your goal. According to research, a person processes an average of 50,000 thoughts a day. Imagine if you will just direct 10% of it your goal, you will be contributing 5,000 thoughts a day to your goal. Those could aid you greatly in attaining success.

This article originally appeared on Be Transformed. Minor changes have been made by the editors.

Gigi D. Sunga, PhD, is the dean of Academic Affairs and the College of Education of Asia Pacific College of Advanced Studies, City of Balanga, Bataan, Philippines. After having conducted seminars for church leaders, teachers, and students for several years, she founded the “I Can Change Project,” in which she also serves as a motivational speaker.