Do Early Birds Really Catch The Worm? The Connection Between Waking Up Early And Money

There are many benefits people can enjoy from waking up early: aside from having the energy to help you last a day’s worth of work and play, waking up early can also give you the right mental fortitude to become effective in all of your activities. While getting enough sleep is proven to be beneficial for your finances, does waking up early also entail the same thing when it comes to your money? You’ll be surprised how the time you wake up affects the way you look at money.

Enough time to prepare

Waking up early means having enough time to do things before you scoot to work. When you rise up early, you are giving yourself ample time to condition your mind and body for the day’s work; and that includes having the time to iron your clothes, take a nice bath, and groom yourself well. When you look presentable, you feel more confident and ready to take on the challenges of your daily life. With increase in productivity, you can channel that into making more profitable ventures and next thing you know, money follows.

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast is more than just being the most important meal of the day; while it is true that a great morning grub will give you enough energy to start the day with a bang, there is more than just nutritional value. When you prepare your own breakfast, little did you know that you are saving a lot when you prepare your own food. Aside from not having enough nutrients to fuel your mornings, buying food outside can also be costly, especially if you’re planning on saving big time.

Exercise one

Some people prefer going to a gym the moment they clock out of work. Unfortunately, these gym subscriptions can cost thousands or even more, depending on the facilities and the program. However, people who jump out of their beds earlier than the majority have an edge over others: the luxury of time. For fitness buffs who do not want to spend money on overpriced gyms, they use this time to take a brisk walk, run or other fitness activities without shelling out cash. Maybe if you wake up early, you can use the spare time to work out instead of hitting the snooze button to get some z’s.

No time for that

People who rise up early also have the tendency to sleep early, since their bodies are demanding them to have adequate rest for the next day. When you hit the sack early for an early morning break, you don’t just give yourself enough rest—you are also prohibiting yourself from being lured by the expenses entailed by sundown. Whether it is eating outside or going out with your friends, your desire to wake up early will make you more resistant to these urges, which cost money.

Waking up early isn’t just good for your body; it is also good for your wallet and the way you look at money. When you’re done reading, try to sleep as early as possible and wake up earlier than you usually do. You’ll be surprised how in many ways waking up early can help you with your money woes.