Best UnionBank Credit Cards For Every Purchase

You already know what credit cards can do. They are versatile payment options that let you use your credit for cashless payments. But did you know that UnionBank credit cards aren’t only versatile this way–they can also help you save money, enjoy exclusive perks and privileges, and super-earn points for travel and rewards!

Want to know more? In this article, we’ll help you find the right Unionbank credit card for what you need the most so you can get the best out of your Unionbank credit card! Let’s get started.

Best UnionBank credit card for Bills Payment

Due dates arrive as surely as days come every month. So get the most out of your bills payment by using these UnionBank credit cards:

Unionbank Lazada Credit Card

The Unionbank Lazada credit card is not just a superb way to supercharge your online shopping, it’s also a smart way to pay your bills. With a UnionBank Lazada credit card, you can earn 6x more Lazada credits when you use it for Bills Payment. These Lazada credits can then be deposited into your Lazada wallet for future online purchases.

To apply for a UnionBank Lazada credit card, click here.

Unionbank Gold and Platinum Mastercard

What if you can save while paying your bills? Sounds crazy, right? But with Unionbank credit cards, it’s possible! Unionbank Gold and Platinum Mastercard let you earn 1% cash back on any purchase–no cap, no expiry.

To apply for a UnionBank Gold Mastercard, click here.

To apply for a UnionBank Platinum Mastercard, click here.

Best UnionBank credit card for Shopping & Rewards

Want a credit card that gives you more the more times you use it? Then you’ll love these Unionbank credit cards for shopping!

Unionbank PlayEveryday Credit Card

The Unionbank PlayEveryday credit card puts in more fun every time you shop. Earn points with each spend or use that you can redeem for exciting items from major shops anywhere. You can also redeem cashback rewards or a waiver on your annual fee! Plus, with each purchase or objective you’ve achieved, you’ll climb up the leaderboard where you stand to unlock more rewards and features.

To apply for a UnionBank PlayEveryday credit card, click here.

Unionbank Lazada Credit Card

What’s better than having a credit card specifically made to maximize your online shopping experience with the biggest online shop in the country? Get up to 6x Lazada credits for every spend at Lazada with your Unionbank Lazada credit card! These Lazada credits can then be transferred to your Lazada wallet that you can use to buy your wishlisted items, instead of cash. Awesome! What’s even greater are the special exclusive items and sales reserved only for Unionbank Lazada credit cardholders. So apply now and never miss out on a great deal ever again!

To apply for a UnionBank Lazada credit card, click here.

UnionBank Platinum Visa credit card

Enjoy the best rewards program UnionBank has to offer with the UnionBank Platinum Visa credit card. Choose from the widest array of rewards, from free travel to free dining and shopping perks or cash rebates. Aside from that, enjoy dedicated concierge service only for Visa Platinum cardholders. Avail of flight booking services, hotel arrangements, and restaurant reservations with just one phone call.

To apply for a UnionBank Platinum Visa credit card, click here.

UnionBank Gold Visa credit card

Earn points that never expire with the UnionBank Gold Visa credit card. Every ₱35 spent rewards you with 1 point. Collect points and redeem rewards for your future travels with Mabuhay Miles conversion, shopping certificates at SM and Rustan’s, movie passes to IMAX or regular theatres, and cash rebates or waived annual fees!

To apply for a UnionBank Gold Visa credit card. click here.

Best UnionBank credit card for Travel

Choose your travel perks from Go Rewards with these Cebu Pacific UnionBank credit cards and upgrade your travel experience!

UnionBank Cebu Pacific Platinum credit card

Travel on a higher level with the UnionBank Cebu Pacific Platinum credit card. Earn Go Rewards points with every spend, plus enjoy exclusive Cebu Pacific benefits and perks that let you travel by air to the hottest locations just by using your points. Plus get free airport lounge access and travel insurance anywhere and everywhere you fly.

UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Visa Card

Get this if you want to enjoy more benefits the more you travel. When you charge your travel expenses such as plane tickets and reservations to your Miles+ Platinum card, you can earn as much as 1.5x points vs. normal everyday spending. You can also redeem as much as 1.2% cashback with your Miles+ points or convert it to either Mabuhay Miles or GetGo rewards.

To apply for a UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Visa credit card, click here.

Best UnionBank credit card for Car Insurance

Yes, UnionBank has really thought of everything–even a credit card best suited for your car insurance needs.

UnionBank Classic Visa card

The UnionBank Classic Visa card is not just your typical credit card. It’s your fully-loaded swiss army knife that you can set up for auto bills payment, charge car insurance payments in installments while earning rewards points for every ₱35 spend. It’s the classic credit card you have to have.

Best UnionBank credit card for Unique & Exclusive Opportunities

Enjoy extra convenience when you use these UnionBank credit cards at these select outlets.

UnionBank Home Depot Visa card

Start building your dreams with the UnionBank Home Depot Visa card. It’s the only credit card from Unionbank that offers 0% interest installment and 0 payment in the first three months.

UnionBank Riviera Gold Club Visa card

Enjoy payment convenience and exclusive golf privileges at the Riviera Golf Club with this Visa credit card powered by UnionBank. Pay 0% interest on your annual gold club dues for 12 months and ₱0 on your annual credit card fees. For your love of the game, they’re also throwing in free gold cart vouchers and a green voucher.

UnionBank Cebu Parklane International Hotel Visa card

Give yourself a VIP treatment at Cebu Parklane International Hotel every time you use their co-branded credit card at the hotel. 15% off on over-the-counter room rate, 10% off in all Cebu Parklane dining outlets and room service. Free lunch or buffet dinner with frequent stays or on your birthday. The good things just keep adding up!

So what are you waiting for? Apply now for the UnionBank credit card that suits your lifestyle the most. Whatever kind of purchase you think of, there’s a UnionBank credit card for you!