You Might Want To Stay Away From These Trite Gifts This Mother’s Day?

As a society that has high regard for mothers, we Filipinos will do anything and everything to make sure that our mothers will feel special on their day. On Mother’s Day, we want to shower them with hugs, kisses, and other gifts that will make them feel they are the most beautiful person on the planet. While gifts are a good idea to show our love and appreciation, there are some gifts that are both cliché and impractical–and you can get away with far better choices instead. What are the gifts you want to avoid this Mother’s Day?

1. The good ol’ flowers

Who doesn’t like flowers? Every woman in this world definitely loves receiving a bouquet of fresh roses and lilies, and chances are you are better off with the safest gift you can think of; after all, you can find flowers everywhere since flower shops are a dime a dozen. However, what you don’t know is that flowers are perfectly laid traps for buyers, and prices skyrocket because of the strong demand for Mother’s Day. On top of that, there is going to be a tight competition on the freshest flowers, and they usually are in stock a few days before Mother’s Day. Whatever happens, flowers for Mother’s Day put you in a lose-lose situation.

What you should get instead

Unless your mother is a horticulturalist and she collects flowers to study and cultivate them, why not think of something more creative, like writing a letter to your mom folded into an origami flower? While you may think that it’s a cheap, what matters more is the letter you’re giving to her. After all, that is a flower that will never die and bloom in her mind forever.

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2. Anything with the words “World’s Greatest Mom” in it

We all know that clichés exist because, let’s face it, we have an insane love affair with shopworn tricks and treats. However, if there is a cliché that is painful to see every Mother’s Day, it’s one of those items bearing the words “World’s Greatest Mom” in it. Think of any possible canvas: shirts, mugs, caps, and other printable surfaces and you will definitely find it. What’s more infuriating about these gifts is that they are ripping customers off their hard-earned money, and these products are easily produced.

What you should get instead

Instead of going with the tide and showering your mother with gifts with that statement, why not gun for something that she doesn’t have yet? For sure, she already has several mugs, shirts, and others–and the last thing she needs now is something with “World’s Greatest Mom” stamped on it. Instead, get her probably a gift certificate for a weekend spa getaway or electronic gift card so she can spend however she wants.

3. Self-serving gifts

To some people, they want to share the gift of technology to their parents, especially their moms, so they can connect with them any time of the day. However, some people get so caught up with this desire that they buy something as complex as a laptop or a gaming console, and we’re more than willing to teach them how to use those gifts. Unfortunately, they may not be that stoked with that gift that it ends up back to us–all while claiming that it’s still a gift to our moms.

What you should get instead

It’s is a noble idea to share the wonders of technology to your parents, but you know that things like that take time to get a good grasp of it. What you can give to your mom instead is a smartphone or a tablet, especially if you want to make sure that you are frequently connected to her. Aside from that, you should also take the time to teach the intricacies of her new gadget so it won’t just go to waste.

4. A special dine out

You might be thinking about taking your mom out on Mother’s Day, but we’re pretty sure that you already know that restaurants are fully booked as early as the last week of April. Cheaper places like casual diners and fast food joints are definitely packed with people, and the ones above the tier will probably switch to Mother’s Day “specials” so they can reduce the menu options for more tables turned during the day. Clearly, there is nothing special with going out on Mother’s Day.

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What you should get instead

If you’re one of the lucky ones who already made reservations weeks prior to Mother’s Day, good for you. If not, you might as well avoid dining out with your mom on a very jam-packed day. Instead of going out for a dinner, why not just cook something for your mom? Her favorite dish, something that reminds you of her special memories with her, whatever–as long as there is a personal touch. Finally, cooking a feast for your mom is much cheaper than buying a five-course meal for two.

There are many ways you can show that you appreciate your mom without shelling out too much. After all, what matters is that you are giving your mom a gift to celebrate her love and compassion for you.