An Expert Explains How Wealth Starts With A Positive Mind

Much has been done to inspire people to earn and attract more money. But have you ever considered finding a more effective way to acquire wealth outside of the traditional methods?

Through it, you can experience a holistic mind and body healing, too.

Such is the power of Theta Healing, a fairly new healing modality in the Philippines introduced by Theta Healer and instructor Sanaiyah Gurnamal in 2012. She is the co-owner and founder of the Third Eye Wellness center located at Fort Bonifacio.

Transformation through Theta Healing

It was Sanaiyah herself who showed us how Theta Healing works.

“Things in the past stay with you,” she began. “Ten, twenty years later, these issues, the anger, resentment, rejection, feelings of betrayal, fights you’ve had with different people; disappointments, regrets, loneliness, all of these negative feelings, they catch up. And they become the diseases that we end up having to deal with when we’re older.”

She names cancer, obesity, PCOS, osteoporosis, eczema, asthma, arthritis, as among the illnesses she has dealt with. “I have been able to trace back from every medical condition some kind of emotional baggage or backlog that has, if not completely created that situation, but at least has really contributed [to the illness],” Sanaiyah explains.

“And once we go through and address these issues through the process of Theta Healing, people feel better. They heal, their bodies just correct, and the disease disappears.”

After she showed us how it’s done, we learned that Theta Healing releases the tension, negative thought patterns, and limiting beliefs deeply ingrained in a person. It addresses the client’s problems and illnesses by digging deeper into and healing the core sources of these issues.

Mind-body technique

In a relaxed, theta state, the healer first scans the chakra or energy that flows through the body of the patient, to see where the problem lies. Questions will be asked throughout the session to fully understand where the problem started.

The healer then asks permission from the client to correct these deeply ingrained beliefs and negative thought processes. During this transfer of positive energy and affirmations from healer to client, the problems are sent to the higher source or creator, leaving the client with instant changes and complete transformation.

The meditative theta state allows the brain to be more open, which makes it effective in eliminating the negative issues and allowing the flow of positive energy to achieve transformation.

At the end of the session, these negative beliefs are removed and replaced with positive belief systems which often have a lasting effect.

Sanaiyah says most cases are healed after going through a single, one-hour session.

Manifesting abundance

Through this process of energy healing without any judgments or ego, the person is able to move on and detach from past trauma and live a more positive life.

Anyone seeking to rid themselves of doubt, anxiety, and a way to attract abundance in their lives can try this healing technique. As Sanaiyah explained, “Literally anybody–whatever background, whatever intentions or goals–can come in and apply themselves and change. That’s the point of Theta Healing.”

It’s no longer a secret—the law of attraction states that “like energy attracts like energy.” This concept has also been confirmed by science—everything in the universe is made out of energy, vibrating at unique frequencies.

No matter where you come from or what you believe in, the fact remains that when you vibrate a certain way, you attract a certain way. These beliefs make up your energy, which creates your reality and affects your finances, health, and relationships.

Through this, Sanaiyah encourages people to invest in themselves by learning about Theta Healing, and to keep an open mind if they want to change their lives for the better.

“We spend a lot of money on everything outside of us,” she says, “when in fact the key to happiness can be found on the inside.”

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