8 Times Dads Won The Internet

Dads are usually portrayed as this figure of authority in the house: Always in his office attire, looking uptight and snobbish, and a man of no fun. This month, we would like for you to break the stereotype and open your eyes to the different sides of dads you need to acquaint yourself with—as seen on the internet.

Dad gets praise from Wonder Woman

Noontime show host Paolo Ballesteros has also been receiving props on social media for his insane makeup transformation skills. Recently, Miss Universe 2004 and international actress Gal Gadot reposted his Wonder Woman stunt on Facebook and Twitter.

Tatay dances to Britney

Britney Spears took Manila by storm and left every fan in awe for her performance and all-time favorite hits. This “tatay” was spotted enjoying himself dancing to “Sometimes” along with the pumped-up crowd.

‘Selfless’ dad gets pleasant reward

“This is a photograph of a father’s love. A depiction of genuine selflessness,” Jhunnel Sarajan captioned on his Facebook post. ‘Tatay Ryan’ on photo is just sitting watching his two daughters eat at Jollibee. ‘The Selfless Father,’ as tagged by the netizens, got the attention of Jollibee, who then took him to a grocery shopping spree and threw a Jolly party for his kids.

He jokes, we all laugh

Filipinos all know that “Dad Jokes” are deemed old but gold. We know it’s corny but this one’s just too “punny” not to elicit some guffaws.

The best dad-and-daughter Disney duet ever

Though Moms know best, Dad still knows how to get to his daughter’s heart. In the video, he strums his guitar, plays Moana’s soundtrack “How Far I’ll Go,” and gets his daughter—and the viewer–singing.

Curry does carpool karaoke

Aside from being the elite player of Golden State Warriors, NBA superstar Stephen Curry is known to be a homebody and a hands-on dad to his daughter Riley. Several press conference videos featuring his Dad moments with his kids went viral online. His recent stint at James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke is a solid proof that he is the OG homeboy.

Taking daddy-baby bonding to a different level

Groovaroo dance class takes parenting to a whole new level, most especially for dads. Dance sessions in this kind of class involves wearing carriers with their happy babies on it.

The mirror effect

People say that you’re lucky if you are still with your dad. But this baby is more than happy to have two. In the video, the dad and his twin brother play fun with baby. Now…which is which?