5 Problems That Only Super Rich People Have

We all want to be financially stable, or at least not lose sleep over money problems. According to author and self-made millionaire Steve Siebold, “It’s a friend that has the power to end sleepless nights of worry and physical pain, and can even save your life.”

While it is true money can solve a lot of problems, it also comes with headaches of its own, which aggravate further as your assets grow.

What problems do rich people have that normal people don’t?

5 Problems That Only Super Rich People Have

1. They also worry about their children

Whether you’re a self-made millionaire or not, you don’t want your children to live in destitute or worries, hence you give the world to them with no questions asked.

While most of the people don’t see anything wrong with spoiling their children, a percentage of rich people are afraid this may lead to their kids without the desire to pursue what they want. “One in seven multimillionaires or billionaires is worried their wealth could be depriving their children of drive and ambition,” says British newspaper Telegraph, citing a study.

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2. They’re not too sure about true love

The myth about the trophy wife has been existing since the modern age, but a shocking New York Post article made rich people everywhere wonder if their partners actually love them or just after shacking with them at their multimillion condominium.

The subject, “Tracey,” said she was drawn to people who are confident that they can take care of everything you need. “I just find it attractive—some people like dark hair, some like blue eyes, I just like a giant wallet,” she said. Stories like this are enough to make the married elites wonder about their wives and single ones think twice about marriage.

3. They can never get ‘rich enough’

When you’ve become attuned to a certain mode of living, it’s hard to ignore the lifestyle inflation and go back to where you used to be. In turn, some rich people, especially heavy investors, are afraid that they haven’t had enough.

“Indeed, they are frequently dissatisfied even with their sizable fortunes. Most of them still do not consider themselves financially secure; for that, they say, they would require on average one-quarter more wealth than they currently possess,” wrote Greame Wood on the Atlantic. A respondent even said that he wouldn’t feel confident until he had $1 billion in the bank. Talk about financial security to a much extreme level.

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4. They don’t know who their real friends are

It’s easy to say that you’ll never let your friends down when you’re already up there, but are you really looking forward to this event. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with the wealthy class, says author Valerie Rind.

“If a friend or family member thinks you have money, they’re more likely to hit you up for a loan than if they think you’re struggling like they are,” she said in an interview with Time. She furthered that money changes the relationships between people, even with family members who may experience guilt or the need to provide for others.

5. They’re much too afraid of the ‘lawsuit and tie’ combo

Lawsuits incur more than just financial costs due to lengthy legal troubles; they can also drag your name in the dirt and make you and your name less reputable.

Business magazine Nextshark reported in 2014 that Prince & Associates, a legal firm in the United States, found out that 80% of their clients who have $20 million or more are afraid of getting their names dragged to courts. For the well-off people, it’s already scary that someone knocks on their door, and it’s scarier if they come to their homes with a lawsuit in hand.

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