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  1. Collected Information

    All personal data, IP addresses, links, comments, reviews, and submitted information that is collected by Us or exposed during the submission or uploads (cookies, etc. that might collect IP address, information of the servicer, transfer data information, user preferential, or email address and passwords used to access the Site) within this Site shall be considered as the Collected Information within the Site.

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  2. Protection of Your Personal Data

    Personal data mentioned under this Privacy Policy shall include your name, address, phone number, email address/es, or any Identification (as the case may be) including the Profile that is requested and collected by Us.

    The usage of Personal Data provided to Us or requested by Us will be limited, for your security and protection from other parties as well as for the convenience in accordance to the Service Agreement.

  3. Sharing of Your Personal Information
    1. We might share your information with another party when requested by a Service Provider, government institution, court, or any similar governing authority without being required to seek your approval. You hereby indemnify Us and hold us free and harmless from and against the Loss or Losses for this kind of information disclosure.
    2. In the event of default and with User information requested by a Third Party from Us, we may investigate the matter, although We are not obligated to do so. Further at our option we may choose to provide your information to that party at the level of disclosure we deem fit.
    3. In the event of any request of User information by a Third Party, You will be sent a notification. You may provide us your response or objection to that notification. In case there is no response from You within 3 (three) days as of the date of such notification, You hereby agree that we may choose to disclose as we deemed fit for You. You hereby indemnify and hold Us harmless for the Loss or Losses that may occur after disclosing such information.
  4. Consequences of Using Forms, Cookies, Etc.

    By using this Site, You understand and agree that the information collected by Us (aside from the Personal Data, passwords) may be disclosed to another Third Party. We shall not be liable for this disclosure and We do not have any control over the misuse or misconduct that occurs thereafter. You hereby indemnify Us and hold Us free and harmless against all and every kind of Loss or Losses suffered by You in the usage of cookies, forms, or others provided within this Site or Service.


We hereby represent and warrant to You that We will comply and observe Republic Act No. 1405, also known as the Law on the Secrecy of Bank Deposits, and will not divulge any of Your personal information without Your prior approval unless it is so required by the court order, investigation or examination purposes, or tax purposes.