Pacific Cross - De Luxe Peso Domestic

Pacific Cross Deluxe Peso Domestic offers travel insurance plans for individual and family traveling locally. Enjoy great benefits like personal accident and personal liability, medical expense protection, baggage and flight delay, medical treatment, loss or damage to baggage and personal effects, loss of travel documents, trip cancellation and termination, and emergency medical repatriation and evacuation.

Pacific Cross - De Luxe Peso Domestic

Get insured while traveling locally with Pacific Cross Deluxe Peso Domestic. Coverage includes trip cancellation, lost baggage, flight delays, and medical emergencies.

Key Travel Insurance Feature Summary

  • Baggage Delay : PHP3,000.00
  • Flight Delay : PHP3,000.00
  • Missed Connecting Flight : PHP3,000.00
  • Funeral & Burial : PHP20,000.00


Product Name
Pacific Cross - De Luxe Peso Domestic
Geographic Cover
Premium Currency
Schengen Area Cover Included
Domestic Cover Included
De Luxe peso domestic

Coverage Plans

Covered People Trip Type Maximum Duration for One Trip Maximum Number of Covered Children Remarks
Individual Annual Cover 365 N/A *Unlimited number of trips per year, 90 days per trip
Family Single Trip 180 10 *Covers primary assured, legal spouse and minor children

Key Travel Risks Covered

Risk Type Cover Deductible Remarks
Medical Expense Protection PHP1,000,000.00 N/A
Personal Accident PHP1,500,000.00 Personal Liability- Php 1,000,000
Medical Expense Protection PHP1,500,000.00 N/A
Personal Accident PHP1,500,000.00 N/A

Coverage Details

Personal Accident Coverage Limit Deductible
Personal Accident PHP1,500,000.00 N/A
Medical Expenses Coverage Limit Deductible
Medical treatment PHP1,500,000.00 N/A
Hospital income PHP1,500.00 per day up to 10 days
Treatment of pre-existing conditions N/A N/A
Baggage and personal effects Coverage Limit Deductible
Baggage delay PHP3,000.00 N/A
Loss or damage to baggage and personal effects PHP25,000.00 N/A
Loss of travel documents PHP50,000.00 N/A
Travel delay, cancellation and curtailment Coverage Limit Deductible
Trip cancellation PHP50,000.00 N/A
Trip termination PHP50,000.00 N/A
Flight delay PHP3,000.00 N/A
Missed connecting flight PHP3,000.00 per 6 consecutive hours, maximum of 96 hours
Strikes/Hijack PHP2,000.00 per day up to 10 days
Repatriation and medical evacuation Coverage Limit Deductible
Emergency medical repatriation Included N/A
Emergency medical evacuation Included N/A
Others Coverage Limit Deductible
Return of mortal remains Included N/A
Care of minor children Included N/A
Compassionate visit Included N/A
Personal Accident Coverage Limit Deductible
Personal liability PHP1,000,000.00 N/A
Others Coverage Limit Deductible
Funeral and burial expenses PHP20,000.00 N/A


Why Pacific Cross Deluxe Peso Travel Insurance Domestic ?

Pacific Cross Deluxe Peso Travel Insurance Domestic is created to cover those travelers with financial security in the event of mishaps ranging from inconveniences to calamities. Plan may include both costs acquired before your trip such as non-refundable flight tickets or even hotel, and travel delays and medical expenses during your trip. Other benefits include trip cancellation and trip interruption protection, coverage for financial default and more.

What are the considerations when choosing Deluxe Peso Travel Insurance Domestic?

The most important part of teaching yourself about travel insurance involves drilling down into details of specific plans. Among the first concerns to sort out when choosing a travel insurance coverage is whether to pursue trip specific or annual coverage. Frequent travellers, and those with a big family or young kids, may want to carefully consider the cost savings that an annual plan can offer. Pacific Cross Deluxe Peso Travel Insurance Domestic is your great partner for travel, whether it’s for business, individual or family trip.

Why is it important to compare travel insurance before acquiring a policy?

With great benefits on domestic, international, single or family trip travel insurance, looking for the right insurance policy can be your worst nightmare. Prior to purchasing your travel insurance, comparing insurance quotes online is a smart move to find the best travel insurance policy at an affordable cost for your needs.

Whether you prefer to travel to local places or go internationally, it pays to cover your travel with a travel insurance plan. Apply a travel insurance through Blue Cross Insurance or let eCompareMo help you find the low-priced travel insurance policy that will suits your lifestyle.

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