Pacific Cross - Lifestyle

Pacific Cross Lifestyle Plan is a very affordable and comprehensive health insurance coverage that adjusts to your various medical and emergency needs. Designed to meet the way you live, it offers additional benefits and medical plan such as basic hospital fee, critical care benefits, surgical and emergency benefits and other value added benefits like worldwide emergency assistance, coverage abroad, sports medical coverage, and hospital allowance.

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Pacific Cross - Lifestyle

Get affordable hmo health insurance coverage with Pacific Cross Lifestyle Plan. With access to top hospitals in the Philippines plus other great benefits. Inquire today and get free quotes right away.

Key Benefits

  • With In-patient and Out-patient benefits
  • Covered up to PHP250,000.00 benefit limit
  • Emergency Services, including Local Ambulance Service


Product Name
Pacific Cross - Lifestyle
Coverage Area

Coverage Plans

Plan Type Maximum Benefit Limit Room Type Remarks
Individual PHP250,000.00 Regular Private Plan

Coverage Details

Benefit Type Cover Deductible Remarks
Room and Board Included Up to Private Room category only As Charged
Miscellaneous Hospital Expenses Included N/A As Charged
Attending Physician's Visit Included N/A PHP800.00
Specialist Fee Included N/A PHP800.00
Private Duty Nurse Included PHP800.00 N/A
Procedure Done on an Out-Patient basis Included For selected procedures as approved by Pacific Cross Subject to limit of Hospitalization Benefit
Critical Care Benefit Included Max. of 10 days per disability, per year As Charged
Surgical Benefit: Operating Theater & Recovery Room Included N/A As Charged
Surgeons Fee Included N/A PHP50,000.00
Anesthetist's Fee Included N/A Not exceeding 40% of the approved Surgeon's Fee Direct Settlement of covered portion of confinement & treatment cost by Pacific Cross
Elective Surgery Included N/A Not exceeding 40% of the approved Surgeon's Fee Direct Settlement of covered portion of confinement & treatment cost by Pacific Cross
Artificial Limb Included N/A As Charged
Emergency Out-Patient Included N/A PHP5,000.00
Emergency Dental Services Included N/A As Charged
Emergency Local Ambulance Service Included N/A As Charged
Daily Hospital Allowance Included PHP300.00 N/A
Sports Coverage Included N/A Included
Recreational Contact Sports Coverage Included N/A PHP30,000.00
Coverage Abroad Included N/A Unlimited number of trips per year, 90 days per trip
Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services Included N/A Emergency Medical Evaluation, Medical Repatriation, Return of Mortal Remains, Compassionate Visit, Care of Minor Child(ren)
Availment of service through our designated assistance Provider limit per year of Included N/A As Charged
Availment of service through NOT our designated assistance Provider limit per year of Included N/A As Charged
Personal Accident Benefit Included N/A PHP100,000.00
Consultation in Doctor's Office Included N/A PHP25,000.00
Medicines and Drug precribed by a Doctor Included subject to Coverage Limit of PHP25,000 N/A
Physiotherapist or Chiropractor Included subject to Coverage Limit of PHP25,000 N/A
Diagnostic, X-rays and Laboratory Tests Included subject to Coverage Limit of PHP25,000 N/A
Other Alternative Treatment Included subject to Coverage Limit of PHP25,000 N/A
Dermatologic Procedures and Medications Included Treatment of acute or chronic skin condition PHP5,000.00
Ancillary Benefits Included Rewards & Benefits from Health and Wellness Partners Included


What is the age eligibility that can be covered by Pacific Cross Health Insurance LifeStyle?

The Pacific Cross Health Insurance Lifestyle is a type of health insurance that caters to young individuals aged 21 to 35 years old. However, you may renew your LifeStyle plan until the age of 40.

What are the benefits that I can get from this health plan?

Pacific Cross Health Insurance LifeStyle offers several benefits. These include:

  • Basic hospital benefits. It covers room and board expenses, attending physician’s visits, specialist’s fee/s, and miscellaneous hospital expenses
  • Critical care benefits. Covers intensive care unit (ICU), coronary care unit, and telemetry up to 10 days per disability, per year
  • Surgical benefits. Covers operating theater and recovery room, surgeon’s fee, anesthetist’s fee, elective surgery, and artificial limb
  • Emergency benefits. Covers emergency out-patient care, emergency dental services, and emergency local ambulance service

What is “pre-existing condition”?

A pre-existing condition refers to the condition of the member prior to the start of the health or HMO insurance period. Make sure that when filling up the application form, you state your past and present medical conditions (if any) and whether these conditions need medical treatment or assistance.

Is a physical examination necessary when applying for a LifeStyle health insurance plan?

No. Enrollees need not undergo a physical examination provided they fill up the medical questionnaire and declare their medical conditions truthfully.

What are the other benefits offered by Pacific Cross Health Insurance Lifestyle?

Being committed to become the best HMO provider in the Philippines, Pacific Cross offers value-added features in their LifeStyle plan apart from standard HMO benefits. Under this plan, you get a daily hospital allowance, sports coverage, recreational contact sports coverage, coverage abroad, and worldwide emergency assistance.

*The full details of the value-added benefits can be viewed on the digital brochure.

How do I pay my LifeStyle premium?

Pacific Cross is one of the most flexible HMO providers in the country, and you can choose to pay your premium either semi-annually or annually. You can also choose to pay in cash, through credit card, local debit card, over-the-counter, mobile (GCash), or PayPal.

Will I still be covered under LifeStyle when I’m overseas?

Pacific Cross is one of the best HMO companies not only in the country but also internationally, and they offer worldwide emergency assistance. For overseas travels, you are covered for a maximum of 90 days abroad per trip. Furthermore, the medical assistance can extend beyond 90 days provided that the reason for your travel abroad is not to seek a medical assistance.

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