How To Get Your Free COVID-19 Vaccine in the Philippines

Now that vaccines are available to a larger portion of the public, perhaps there’s a chance for you to get your free COVID-19 vaccine, without the need for health insurance. In this article, we’ll show you how to register, depending on your location.

By Kevin Joshua Ng

Vaccines have been made available to the A1, A2, A3, and now the A4 sector. To know which sector you belong, let us explain you the COVID-19 Vaccination Prioritization program of the Department of Health.

COVID-19 Vaccination Prioritization

The prioritization program of the DOH is based on the World Health Organization’s strategy to immunize certain sectors to reduce deaths and preserve the health system of a nation. It is divided into several tiers, putting in line first the most essential.

There are 3 priority eligible tables: A, B, and C.

Priority Eligible A consists of:

  • A1 – Frontliners in Health Services
  • A2 – Senior Citizens
  • A3 Persons with comorbidities
  • A4 – Frontline personnel in essential sectors
  • A5- Indigent population

Priority Eligible B

  • B1 – Teachers and Social workers
  • Other government workers
  • Other essential workers
  • Socio-demographic groups at significantly higher risk other than senior citizens and poor population
  • B5 – OFWs
  • B6 – Other remaining workforce

Priority Eligible C are the rest of the general population that are not included in the previous groups.

In the time of writing, those belonging to the A4 sector are being served vaccines through the registration programs by LGUs. If you belong to this sector or the sectors before it, you can get your free COVID-19 vaccine at your LGU. Here’s how.

Where to register for a FREE COVID-19 vaccine?

At the moment, the national government has been in partnership with local government units around the country to get the vaccines to the people with the greatest risk. LGUs are rounding up those in the table of priority eligible groups through online registration and scheduling. Here are some of the pertinent links to some of the online registration sites from LGUs in Metro Manila.

To register online at provincial LGUs, please refer to this document from the DOH. They’ve collected all the online registration links for LGUs in the Philippines.

PH LGUs Vaccination Directory

Go and register for a free COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. This is an opportunity for our country to have a speedy recovery and to maintain the health of those who matter.

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