Woo Your Significant Other Without Draining Your Budget With These Cheap And Easy Steps

It’s almost Valentine’s Day again, and as the old adage goes, love is in the air. You will definitely see tons of promos and discounts geared towards lovers who will celebrate this time of the year with each other. In an article published by Yahoo, Filipinos do not mind spending big on Valentine’s Day—and this is just for flowers alone, which is almost a whopping amount of PhP 3,000 per person. While it is not bad to spend cash on this special day, there are ways where you can still make your significant other feel special without rupturing your wallet. Here are just some of the tips on how you can make this day with your beloved extra special—even without a big budget.

Cook for two—and dine in

Here’s what will happen on Valentine’s Day: think of the place where you and your partner love to eat out, and chances are that place is filled to the brim with couples who also love to eat there. If you cannot make reservations prior to February 14, then it’s best that you head home and cook dinner for two. Aside from allowing your partner to have a taste of specially made home-cooked deliciousness, you can also save a lot as compared to eating out. Finally, no need to contend with other couples for that table for two. You either put away the money you saved by dining in, or spend it on other treats such as a good bottle of wine.

Take advantage of promos geared towards couples

If you think that taking advantage of promos will ruin the mood on Valentine’s Day, you may want to rethink your strategy. A lot of promos and discounts during this day are specially geared for couples, with items such as flowers, chocolates, dinner, hotel rooms, and others heavily marked down just for that day. There is nothing wrong with utilizing these promos, especially if you are following a tight budget on the said day. Just make sure that you are getting these discounted items because you want them, and not because they’re marked down or else you may ruin this one time of the year.

Do it the old school way

You may think that the old ways of showing love and devotion to someone such as writing letters and other quirky but romantic shenanigans may already be lost in oblivion. However, with the digital age slowly depersonalizing these events, it’s time to scrounge for your old art kits and start making personalized items for your significant other. Got the knack for cutting and pasting? Create a giant heart using colored pieces of paper. Want to express your thoughts in words? Create a personalized greeting card and express how much you love your partner. Love surprising your beloved? Then scatter red-colored notes in the house with romantic notes. Be creative, and don’t hold back. After all, imagination is only your limit.

Instead of buying your way to love, think of the things you can do for love

Is money the only currency when it comes to showing love? Fortunately, there still are things you can do for love—even without spending even a Peso. One good way to make use of this “currency of love” is by creating love coupons or vouchers. These vouchers, which you can make out of even recycled paper, can contain actions ranging from mundane to sexy such as “one week of sweeping the floor by me” or “three days of no channel surfing while you’re watching your favorite TV show”; be creative, spontaneous, and wild with your actions.

Valentine’s Day is a special day, but this doesn’t mean that you also have to spend extra for this day. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and no matter what you do—as long as it’s from the heart—will be greatly treasured.