8 Reasons Senior Citizens Are The Best Friends You’ll Ever Have

Here are just some of the multitude of perks of having them around.

How many of your Facebook friends are your true friends? For sure you can’t tell merely by those likes and comments they make on your posts.

Now the senior citizens in your life—they could be your lolo and lola or mom and dad, as long as they’re aged 60 and above—are best friends you’ll ever have in your lifetime. Their funniest moments never fail to give you the good vibes. Their meaningful hand-me-downs always come in handy. And don’t they just love sharing their perks with everyone?

Here are the benefits of keeping your close ties with the elderly, and why they’re absolutely the best.

1. They’ve been there, done that.

You think your struggle is real? Well, you’ve got nothing on the grannies who saw it through two of the worst periods in Philippine history—we’re talking about World War II and Martial Law. Trust that when they start with the phrase, “Noong panahon ko…” you’re in for a no-BS storytelling sesh—littered with lessons you can pick up and use in making the most important decisions in life.

2. They’re the original fitness buffs.

You only live once, and they’d be the first to tell you that. When they say take care of your health while you’re young, they want you to avoid the taxing physical pains that come with old age. Exercise regularly, eat more fruits and vegetables, and don’t skip your annual medical checkups, they’d remind you as they bend over and try to reach the abaniko that just fell on the floor.

3. …and they’ll prove it.

No amount of joint pains can stop them from having fun. You’ll be amused how these senior citizens can beat you to an 8 a.m. gateball game or 6 a.m. aerobics at the park. They sleep later and wake up earlier than everyone else in the house. They’re mentally stronger, too, if their Candy Crush scores are any basis.

4. They’re beautiful.

They still care about their appearance. These are people who know the standards for a timeless look. You’ll be surprised how many of our seniors are availing of the free haircut, massage, and manicure-pedicure services in cities like Makati.

5. They’re the perfect movie buddies.

Just when friends are turning down your offer to go to the moviehouse due to “lack of budget,” lolo and lola won’t say no as they get free movie passes in Makati, Quezon City, and Manila. They churn out honest-to-goodness movie critiques too.

6. They know how to party.

Though they might forget your name, senior citizens residing in Makati still remember the important events to celebrate—their birthdays and golden anniversaries, for instance. They never forget, because on those days they get free cakes!

7. Most everything they do is social media material.

Grandma cracked a joke? Your Facebook friends would love to hear about that. She whipped up some scrumptious kakanin for merienda? Instagram that snack. Lolo singing a few lines from “God Gave Me You?”? That’s the stuff Snapchat was made for.

8. They get discounts everywhere.

Never underestimate the power of their senior citizen IDs. This laminated piece of paper entitles them to a wide range of discounts on utilities, medicines, medical supplies and services, travel and accommodations, leisure, and virtually everything else. They also get 20% discounts on purchases made using credit cards. So if you want to save on your group dates, don’t forget to tag good ol’ granny along. –Diana Lyn Balbalosa