Use These Words In Your Resume If You Want To Land The Job

A failsafe resume writing tip: Pick the right verbs for your CV, according to the job you’re applying for and the industry you’re in, to boost your chances of getting noticed by employers in the Philippines.

Whether you’re fresh out of college or planning to find another job, you’d want to update your resume to be compelling and powerful enough to grab your prospective employer’s attention. In a sea of hopefuls, you’ll stand out more by using the right words and proper phrasing to describe your work experience.

For example, the line “I created a company policy that enabled…” would be better rewritten as, “Enforced a new company policy that allowed…” Be direct and concise in describing your achievements to make a good impression.

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No need to go through a thesaurus, though, because we’ve compiled the following powerful verbs from that might just land you the job in a particular industry. Just avoid using the same word twice.

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