Things To Do To Stay Motivated Even On Your Off-Days

Everyone experiences downtimes. Although we have tasks to finish and you want to keep your spirits up, there are just days when you just can’t understand why you feel sappy or badly distracted by negativity in your environment.

Here are some fool-proof ways to keep the bad vibes away and stay in a good mood for a better drive:

Surround yourself with positive and motivated people. Energy vampires can suck out all the good vibrations and spread gloom that can affect you negatively. Establish a square and optimistic support system, like your family, friends, or co-workers.  This could make a fun and spirited environment to boost your productivity.

Fake it ‘til you make it. Mood swings can strike anytime caused by different factors. But you can alter your mood by undoing the sulk. Speak only positive thoughts and stop complaining about matters. Smiling frequently can also divert your temper into a real good mood.

Take several minutes of good break and make them count. Halt for a while if you already feel monotonous with what’s keeping you occupied. Do something that will up your mood. Watch a snippet of a funny video or watch motivational stories. Listening to feel-good music can significantly help too.

Reward yourself with small pleasures. Take a look at your progress and recognize it. Look at your achievements daily, weekly, and monthly. Induce happy hormones by giving yourself a simple token. Grab an ice cream, eat your favorite candy bar, or buy yourself a slice of your favorite cake. Do you want to be rewarded with relaxation? Take an afternoon escape and walk outside your office for a couple of minutes to clear your head. Go to a nearby park and have a cup of tea or coffee.

Look for a mentor. It is essential to have a more experienced person to back you up and coach you on your way up to the ladder, who will push you to go extra mile. Importantly, he/she will be a constant reminder that you can attain a successful status like your mentor. This will keep your head in the game. Having a mentor will also help you learn to take situations or judgements constructively.

Exercise before anything else. Staying active in the morning is an effective way to kick-start the day. Studies show that exercise can increase focus as the body is perked up, which keeps you alert for your next activities. It also increases your energy level, so you won’t have down times.

Establish a daily game plan. Remind yourself of your daily goals and their importance to you. This will help you focus on accomplishing your tasks as you realize the larger cause for doing so. Making a to-do list will also keep the hassles away because you are in control in most of the situations.

Focus on what you can do and not the other way around. It is such a let-down when we look on things that aren’t going on our way. Do not overthink on the things that you can’t do. Instead, focus on how your capabilities can better tough situations. Think resourceful and ask help if needed.

Stop adding pressure to your system and stay positive always! Remember that you are the one in charge of your mood. Make yourself happy consistently and keep good vibrations around!