The Great Fix-Off: Casa Vs. Talyer

No matter how careful of a driver you are, you are eventually going to have to bring your car in for maintenance and repairs.

There are two places you can go to have your car seen to when it gets damaged or is just not working as well as it should. These are the casa and the talyer.

So should you take your car to the casa or to the talyer? Check out our infographic below to see the pros and cons of both.

Infographic - casa vs. talyer

Why go to the casa?

  • More specialized services
  • Better equipped repair facilities
  • Original parts for your vehicle
  • Warranty protection
  • Cozy customer waiting facilities

Go to the casa for problems with the following parts:

  • Engine component

Dealership mechanics have specialized diagnostics systems to figure out the problem

  • Transmission

Especially for automatic transmission cars, repairs require specialization and timeBrakes

  • Braking system

Parts are usually under warranty so you can take it there for replacements

  • Electric supply system

Electric systems are a complex network that require specialized diagnostics and comprehensive repairs

  • Gauges, meters, and sensors

Sensors are sensitive components and require the technical expertise of in-house mechanics

  • Fuel systems

Fuel systems, especially fuel injectors, need thorough cleaning and repairs

Why go to the talyer?

  • Direct contact with the mechanic at work
  • Cheaper repair cost
  • More personalized services
  • Wider variety of serviced models and brands
  • High number of shops in the country

Go to the talyer for problems with the following parts:

  • Steering system

Steering components do not have sensitive parts and can be repaired almost anywhere

  • Suspension

Suspensions can be repaired almost anywhere. Most of the time it is the suspension bushings that go bad.

  • Lighting and signaling system

Third-party repairs are cheaper in terms of both parts and service

  • Ignition system

Ignition system parts, even the distributor, can be serviced by independent mechanics much quicker and cheaper

  • Cooling system

Most cooling system components are cheap and easily replaceable

  • Air conditioner

Most Air conditioning parts are cheap and easily replaceable at third-party shops

Tips on choosing the perfect auto repair shop for you

  • Befriend the mechanic. You will learn a lot from the person fixing your vehicle.
  • Take advantage of your warranty period.
  • For preventive maintenance schedule, the best option is still to go to your dealership’s mechanic.
  • Get a car insurance policy with a huge number of accredited repair shops.
  • Choose OEM parts over aftermarket brands for your vehicle.

Another factor to think about when deciding whether to take your car to the casa or the talyer would be who your insurance provider is. Many car insurance providers have partnerships with repair shops and car dealerships that they trust.

Oriental Assurance Corporation is one of the most trustworthy car insurance providers in the country. They can protect you and your vehicle against loss and damages. They are also accredited with most of the top motor dealers and repair shops in the country.