Start Young: Breeze Through Financial Preparedness With This Two-in-One Investment Product

Life hacks, adulting. These two millennial terms have been dominant buzzwords for the past couple of years. With practically everything at our fingertips, it only makes sense to hack into adulting and take advantage of the opportunities that can help us through this game called life.

Here’s one gameplan AXA offers: MyAmbition. It is an investment plan that is available online and even comes with a life insurance coverage. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

If you are looking for an investment vehicle that caters to your specific tastes and needs, AXA has got you covered. MyAmbition is a single-pay life insurance and investment plan that lets young professionals like you grow your money by investing in a fund adapted to you.

This first-in-market investment plan allows you to make the choice on where your money will go and how it will grow. It provides a variety of professionally managed investment options based on your own risk appetite.

Start Young: Breeze Through Financial Preparedness

MyAmbition is a great way for young investors to secure their future without straining their budget. Flexible, convenient, and easy to understand, it’s perfectly tailored for millennials who want to strike a balance between affordable and high growth potential investment vehicles.

To know more about AXA’s latest online-purchasable insurance and investment product, here are 10 interesting and important facts you need to know about MyAmbition.

1. You can start investing for as low as P50,000

For a one-time investment of at least P50,000, you can start growing your money with MyAmbition. You can also invest as much as P125,000 per policy.

2. MyAmbition is accessible through the internet

Availing MyAmbition is easy as online shopping. You can enjoy the convenience of applying online by simply going to and following the easy steps. With just a few clicks, you are on your way to your first investment!

3. You can use your credit card to pay your MyAmbition premium

You can pay your one-time MyAmbition premium via credit card or debit card. However, keep in mind that the policyholder and the credit/debit cardholder must be the same person.

4. You can make an investment based on your risk appetite

What is risk appetite, you ask? It’s the amount of risk you are willing to accept to pursue your objective, which in this case is growing your money through investing. Your risk appetite—or “hunger for risk”— may be conservative, moderate, or aggressive.

Whatever your risk appetite is, there’s an investment fund that suits your personality. For the conservative investor, there’s the wealth bond fund, which ensures safe and steady growth on investment; for investors with moderate appetite for risk, there’s the wealth balanced fund, which gives balanced placement in bond and equity for security and growth; and for the aggressive investor, there’s the opportunity or equity fund, which invests in high-performing blue-chip companies that offer a more significant return but slightly higher risk.

5. You can grow your investment to fund your dream purchase . . .

Since your MyAmbition policy acts as an investment and life insurance plan, your account’s gains can be used to make your dreams come true. Whether it’s a car, a vacation or an initial home investment, you can use your fund however you see fit.

6. . . or you can let your money stay with AXA for higher gains

You also have the option to let your money stay with AXA so it can grow further. Since your MyAmbition account’s value also doubles as your life insurance, this will make sure that your loved ones will receive bigger gains in the future in case something unexpected happens to you.

7. That includes loyalty bonuses

If you maintain your MyAmbition policy for 10 years or more, AXA will give you a loyalty bonus. You get five percent of your average account value when your policy reaches the 10th and 20th year. So really, it’s a good idea to think long-term.

8. You can give your loved ones the peace of mind in case the unexpected happens.

In case of your untimely demise, your beneficiaries will receive 125 percent of your investment amount or account value at the time of your passing, whichever is higher.

9. You can avail of up to 10 MyAmbition policies

Want to play it safe and not put all of your eggs in one basket? Fortunately, you can have up to 10 MyAmbition policies. With a low initial investment of from P50,000 to a maximum of P125,000, you may avail of 10 investment plans under your name. Talk about multiple investment potential!

10. You can use your smartphone to check your MyAmbition investment performance

Whether you’re a jetsetter, a weekend warrior, or just a busy office worker, keeping track of your investments is easy. You can check the performance of your investment by simply downloading the MYAXA app and registering your policy.

Secure your loved ones’ future while growing your money with AXA’s MyAmbition! Buy online today and build your investment with just a few clicks.